Concepts: IIHF, Wild, and More!

The run-off poll to try and determine the primary logo for the HJC jersey continues until tomorrow night. It can be found on the HJC JERSEY page.

COTW Mar 19-25 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Anaheim Ducks concept (by Jérémi)
Jérémi intends this as a 3rd jersey concept. The half and half colours are certainly an interesting idea, but the jersey also look very empty. Maybe if the numbers were half and half colour instead of black? Also, why no NOB?

Sarnia Sting concept (by Martin)
Wow, I see 3 different things going on here and, to me at least, they don't seem to go well with each other. The "hooks' on the front and back of the sweater are good and they feature mostly yellow. Then the arm stripes use mostly grey and feature a dotted pattern which seems a little lifeless to me. Also, there are 3 different logos on this jersey which makes it seem like they just tried to get as many as possible on there.

Team Sweden concepts (by Stephen T.)
I like the idea of the Swedish flag on the front of the jersey! After that, there are too many attempts to do the same thing over and over again, in my opinion. I also think that not centring the NOB because of the stripe is not a good move.

Team Czech Republic concepts (by Caz)
I think the jersey on the right does a great job of incorporating the nation's flag into the design. The jersey on the left though, reminds me of those tacky half home half road NHL sweaters that were popular in the early 90's.

Team Canada concept (by Matt R.)
I'm not a fan of these. If black is used on a Team Canada sweater I prefer it to be as a trim colour. I know international jersey stripes can get a little crazy, but these ones just don't make any sense to me. They seem too random. Also the TV numbers are incorrect. #9 should appear on one side then #1 on the other. As it is right now the TV numbers would appear as 9191, on both sleeves.

Niagara Ice Dogs concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts.

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Matt M.)
Matt used a variation of these concepts a couple of weeks ago, which got him a nomination. He's made some adjustments based on comments, but the main feature is his adjustment of the now retired circle wordmark logo. I think his adjustment would fit nicely with the current Wild jerseys, but now I see the "WILD" font and it's starting to look dated to me.

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Brandon C.)
Adding shoulder patches and some red to the current 3rd jersey doesn't look great to me. However, I think that the white version here is awesome! I'm really looking forward to a jersey that can mix true white and vintage white together well. This one does that and because I like that white jersey so much, I'm giving this a COTW nomination.

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Justin)
Justin has made a Sabres logo mash-up, which some may have seen some sort of version somewhere before. He has also added more white to the yellow stripes on the blue jerseys and used the old "B-sword" logo for shoulder patches. In my opinion, the changes made here are not an upgrade, but the whole concept and logo mash-up is really well executed.
Concepts: IIHF, Wild, and More! Reviewed by Ryan on March 27, 2012 Rating: 5


MMcG said...

Brandon C's Green jersey might look sweet if the "wheat" or vintage white were replaced with regular white.

The road white jersey is kickass!!!

Chuckie said...

I know that my vikings alt from a couple months ago sucked, but maybe something could have been used on those team Sweeden concepts.

Kyle C. said...

Brandon C. for COTW seconded

stlsnake1985 said...

AWESOME Sabres jerseys Justin!!! A definate COTW from me! (Sure blows my version of these away!) I love timeline jerseys! All 3 design eras are represented very well here while still keeping the traditional look. I especially love how you've returned the blue stripes to the front of the white jersey. Don't know why the current ones have all yellow stripes now, but these look so much more balanced. I can't imagine why the the Sabres are dropping the current 3rd's. I think this would be good enough of an upgrade to them. Very well done my friend! : )

Justin said...

Thanks @stlsnake1985, I really appreciate it!

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