Announcing the HJC Jersey Competition

As you can see below, the HJC Jersey Primary Logo run-off vote didn't solve anything except that Logo #1 has been eliminated from consideration.
These results have also caused me to change my mind about how we create this jersey. That is where is HJC Jersey Competition comes in.
Use one of the three remaining logos to create a HJC jersey. The winner's jersey will be made into the official HJC jersey! Now, there are a lot more rules/details for this competition than normal, so you MUST read the HJC JERSEY page before you get started.

I'm hoping to have a fun post for Sunday (April Fool's Day). If you have a concept that would be appropriate for the day, send it in and it may be used on Sunday's post.

Today is the last day to vote for Concept of the Week.
COTW Mar 19-25 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Washington Capitals concept (by NB14)
We got some major problems here. Instead of showing us the shoulder patch, you should also place it on the shoulders. However, the image of the shoulder patch uses a blue background, but the yokes are red. The number on the back is too large and there are no TV numbers. There are also a lot of loose/un-coloured pixels on the collar, logo, and Reebok wordmark.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Dmitri)
Dmitri wants the Kings to bring back the purple 3rd jersey and the hem stripes. I agree with him on the hem stripes issue. I would like that "Chevy logo" jersey if the wordmark was removed from the hem and an entirely black collar was used. Really good execution on these though.

Team Switzerland concepts (by Caz)
The jersey are decent, but there are a couple of things I would change. I would remove the writing from the logo and place it above the rear hem, or something like that. I would also make the logo smaller and place it over the player's heart, like what they wore at the 2010 Olympics.

Carolina Hurricanes concepts (by Brandon C.)
I really like this Canes set. The red jersey look fantastic as all of the current elements are assembled well. I also like the white jersey, but perhaps the cuffs would be better black? Really great execution too.

Owen Sound Attack concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts.

HJC Jersey concept (by Stéphane)
Stéphane suggested, because I love the Leafs, that I make the HJC jersey is the same style as the team. I didn't agree, but it's still a cool idea. Stéphane couldn't help himself and has to make the concept. It looks good, but it must have curdled his Habs blood to make this one!

Mason H's Winter Classic Package
I'm giving this whole set a COTW nom because I like the concepts and the effort put in to everything here.

Winter Classic logo concept (by Mason H.)
While elements of the Colorado Rockies' logo has been used, this is still a good idea. Maybe changing the colour of the mountains would have slightly distanced this logo from the baseball team. Also, seeing how the NHL builds its event logos, they would probably have the NHL shield bigger.

Winter Classic ice surface concept (by Mason H.)
Nice work again. Seriously, what else do I say?

Winter Classic concepts (by Mason H.)
In his fictional game, Mason has the Avalanche host the Dallas Stars. I like the custom A logo on the Avalanche jersey, which gives a nice retro effect. Two things I'm not so hot on about the Stars jersey is the vintage white base colour and the North Stars logo used as shoulder patches. I guess the same goes for the Nordiques logos on the Avs concept. Still, some really great work here Mason.
Announcing the HJC Jersey Competition Reviewed by Ryan on March 29, 2012 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

@ Ryan: "it must have curdled his Habs blood to make this one!" Not at all! An Habs fan, yes. But first and most an hockey fan. Like I've said before, since the Habs and Leafs won't make the playoffs this year, I'll even turn into a Sens fan! And when they'll be out, I'll become a Canucks fan!

Bobby P. said...

Brandon's Canes get a COTW nom from me!

Alan John Herbert said...

Stéphane's concept got COTW vote from me!

Brian said...

Mason H winter classic for COTW

Kyle C. said...

I second Brandon's Hurricanes for COTW!

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