Winter Classic Announcement Coming

It's funny that for the 2012 Winter Classic the official confirmation of the game didn't come until September or so. Now it appears that tomorrow we will get official confirmation of the 2013 game between the Wings and Leafs at Michigan Stadium! We are actually going to get two press conferences tomorrow. The first will be at 10:30am EST at Comerica Park where, according to TSN's Bob Mckenzie, the following events will be announced:

- Week long "Hockeytown Fan Fest"
- Four NCAA games held at ballpark
- AHL Outdoor Classic Griffins vs Marlies
- Two OHL games, Plymouth vs London & Saginaw vs Windsor
- An assortment of youth and high school games
- NHL Winter Classic Alumni game Wings vs Leafs

The second presser will be at 1:15pm EST at Michigan Stadium where the 2013 NHL Winter Classic will be announced between the Red Wings and the Maple Leafs. It's not likely, but maybe we might get a logo release!

You can bet I will be doing everything I can to try and get tickets when they go on sale, which in past Classics has been September.

Speaking of the Winter Classic, I decided to draw up a generic logo which can be used by ANYONE who wants it. Feel free to take this and mash it up or re-colour it. I just thought this might be useful for some people.

There have not been very many votes cast at all for the following COTW polls. Be sure to get your vote in before the deadline.
COTW-January (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Jan 30-Feb 5 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

Here are the first two entries that have come in for the Create-A-Team contest!

Halifax Redcoats (by John T.)

San Francisco Birds (by Martin)

You have until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST to get your entry in!


Winnipeg Jets concept (by Deferoiler)
I don't think a re-coloured Ducks 3rd jersey works too well for the Jets. Also, the logo and player number are pixelated. The shade of blue used for the NOB doesn't match the rest of the jersey.

Real Betis concept (by Martin)
Another soccer concept for Martin's favourite team. The execution on this is pretty good.

Brampton Battalion concepts (by Stephen T.)
I really like everything about these jerseys except for the tank logo! If that English script B logo was used on all of these, they would be awesome.

Toronto Maple Leafs concepts (by Chris Z.)
I'm not a fan of the alternate jersey with the leafs in the stripes. The shoulder patch on the 1967 jerseys is pretty good though. Execution is also fairly good except it looks like a different shades of blue used on the jerseys and logo.

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Dave C.)
Dave has Edge-ified the original Sens sweaters, but he's used the rarely seen updated side profile logo. Also, the retro O shoulder patch has been added. I would use a white outline on that shoulder patch for the black jersey. Finally, if you're trying to be exact, the black sleeves on the white jersey stop at the higher red arm stripe.

Winter Classic concepts (by Torin)
Torin would like to see the Habs take on the Sabres in a Winter Classic. The Habs jersey we have seen before here on HJC. As for the Buffalo sweater, I would reverse the yellow and white and you got a winner.

Edmonton Oilers concepts (by Dan C.)
Icethetics tell us yesterday that the Oilers are getting rid of their navy 3rd jersey, thank goodness. I do however like the route that Dan is going here by bronzing the orange and continuing the arm stripes ALL THE WAY across the arm. I could really dig this as a 3rd Oilers jersey. COTW nomination from me!

San Jose Sharks concept (by Kyle C.)
Nothing wrong with this concept at all. Actually, it's really well executed. It just doesn't evoke any reaction from me. I don't hate it, I don't love it. Maybe a reversal of the teal and black may change my mind?

Carolina Hurricanes concepts (by Avi)
I think the Canes are due for a uniform adjustment and I am all in favour of what Avi has done here! The changes aren't drastic, but they are enough for people to take notice. I think the change to black pants and gloves makes the team look angrier.
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Ryan said...

I know John's logo looks like a Hamilton Bulldog's logo, but it's very hard to accuse someone of stealing a H...or any letter for that matter.

cody said...

Avi has got my vote for COTW!

winnipegjets96 said...

2nd Dan C. for COTW

stlsnake1985 said...

Yeah, I kinda thought afterwards that the 3rd jerseys did look a little ridiculous. The bottom almost looks like a wallpaper pattern! LOL! I just wanted to make an old timey look but I didn't want the jersey to be comepletely void of a leafs logo. I probably shoulda just made the bottom plain white to match the 1917 theme I was goin for and just leavin the shoulder patches on woulda been enough. Maybe I'll send in a revamped version in the future. BTW the regular jerseys should be the correct color blue since I used your template. Maybe the sky blue background makes them appear lighter?

Anonymous said...

Halifax design is to bland. It needs something more. The colours are nice.

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