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Seattle Bombers (by Tyler G.)

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You have probably been reading a lot about me mentioning the vertical stitching on jerseys and concepts. I usually talk about where it should end and when it should hide behind stripes. I took some quick photos with my phone and I hope they will help you to better understand how this stitching should appear on your concepts. For the best example, I have used my game-worn Leafs jersey.

As you can see in the photo, the vertical stitching runs down the sweater from the yokes to the hem stripes. The hem stripes are where the stitching stops and again you see that the stitching does not continue after the stripes. Picture the sweater being built. They would start with a fully blank white jersey. They would then cut at the hem where the stripes are to begin. Add the stripe, then add a new piece for the curved hem.

Here's a closer look at the stitching. Again, note how it stops at the hem stripes and does not continue. Any kind of stripes or patterns on your concepts should go OVER TOP of the stitching and if that pattern occurs at the hem, then that is where the vertical stitching would stop.

Here is an example of how this sweater should look in concept form.


A few days ago, Icethetics gave us the first JerseyWatch post of 2012. Obviously he has some inside information and has a grasp as to what is going on. I on the other hand have no information yet I am about to make some wild and educated guesses as to what possible new sweaters we may see on the ice for the 2012-13 season.

Chicago Blackhawks
It's reported that the Hawks will return to their classic black 3rd jersey that they used from 1996-2009 (excluding the 2007-08 season). I know a lot of people love this jersey, but I am not one of them. I find it plain and boring. I find it to be "black for black sake". It wouldn't be my first choice, but if the Hawks want to go back to a black 3rd based on an existing sweater, at least make it the red sweater. I've posted a few concepts before with some retro alterations, but I feel this would be good. It wouldn't be a re-hash of what they have worn previously, but it would be based along the lines of the old black 3rd which was popular with fans.

Philadelphia Flyers
Even prior to the reveal of the Winter Classic sweater Kevin, who works at the Flyers Store, has been telling me that this will become the 3rd jersey for next season. It would seem to make sense as in previous years, clubs have worn their Classic jersey for at least one regular game in their home arena for their home fans. The Flyers have yet to do that this year. Perhaps because they are not worried about giving the non-Classic attending fans a look at the sweater live since it will be seen 12-15 times next season?

Pittsburgh Penguins
Okay, here is the most outlandish prediction of the batch. Penguins going retro inspired? Hear me out. First, the W.B./Scranton Penguins wear the black version as a 3rd jersey this season, but they have a new 3rd jersey for every season. Maybe they are testing it out for the big club? Next, it seems that most teams are slowly trending away from the Reebok "cookie cutter" designs, is "the 'Burgh" next? Finally, JerseyCity.ca put their Penguins authentic sweaters on "super clearance" this week (70% off). Why are they trying to get rid of them? Do they know something already that we don't?

Tampa Bay Lightning
It's no secret, the Lightning have said that they will try to work some more black back into the new team look. They also have said that they will bring back the victory stripes under the arms at the request of the fans. If I were to throw out a guess as to where that black in the uni will be, I'd have to say pants. Maybe the pants they wear now with the 3rd jersey, but with a simple white lightning bolt outlined in blue.

Winnipeg Jets
After Winnipeg announced, at the draft, that they were going to call themselves the Jets, Mark Chipman was constantly asked about bringing back the old look. He said something along the lines of a retro 3rd jersey was being discussed for the 2012-13 season. There's no way that TNSE can't capitalize on the Jets league wide popularity right now and not bring out a new sweater for people to spend money on. However, I don't think they will bring out an exact replica of the old sweater. Fans in Winnipeg already have that jersey and won't spend $130 just to update it. I think TNSE will want to continue to build upon this new Jets brand and create some sort of hybrid retro jersey. Hey, these guys were going to stick with the Moose name before fan pressure caused them to use the Jets!

Again, these are just random guesses which are shaped by my own thoughts. Don't consider any of my predictions as coming from an "inside" or "reliable" source.
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Josh said...

The Flyers wore the jerseys today. No patch. Lost 5-2 to my RANGERS!!! GO BLUESHIRTS!!

winnipegjets96 said...

hopefully the Jets will go with something new, I love their old jerseys but they are a new team so they should have something new, maybe a gray alternate or the red jersey Brady made a while ago, that was an awesome concept!!!

Roger said...

i'd like to point out the lack of TV numbers on the TBL sweater lol :)

Ryan said...

Agreed. Whoever did that really sucks!

Tex said...

Man, I'd give my left arm for a Pens uniform change, but the problem with the WBS jerseys is that it's still flat VG, and the striping is inconsistent. I'd still take it over the crap we're wearing now.

stlsnake1985 said...

Speaking for myself I will be happy when I see ALL teams in the league drop this ridiculous Reebok cookie cutter nonsense and go back to the original elements that made hockey jerseys the greatest looking jerseys amongst all sports leagues! The need to change certain logos and update color themes is something that can be necessary for some teams at certain times, but for the most part it didn't seem like there was anything wrong with the way hockey jerseys were laid out and formatted prior to the Reebok revolution! I can understand the league's desire to wanna make progress and help modernize the game by making jerseys that are designed to better fit the players, appear less baggy and absorb less sweat, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice tradition and good taste when it comes to their appearance! The smarter designers seem like they've found a way to make the traditional elements work with these tubular threads and now I think it's about time for every other club in the league to follow suit! (Sorry for the rant people, but I just felt I had to weigh my two cents in on this one!)

Kris said...

Agreed with Tex. Still doesn't solve the Pens problem. They need to go back to athletic gold. The only team I think vegas gold looks good on is the New Orleans Saints.

DCamp said...

I hate Vegas Gold! I would love to see the jerseys they wore during the two most recent cup years. @ Ryan, there was a rumour about a new Sens road white jersey... what are your thoughts/prediction on that?

Ryan said...


My GUESS would be that there will not be a new Sens road sweater. I'd also guess that if they are to change the road, that they would also make a matching home. I think I read that they would change to get away from the Reebok cookie cutter? Maybe they'll change in a year or two when the team is good again. You know, a new look for a new era?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the good old Pens look (the Lemieux years) come back. But please, no gold! Bring back yellow! Look at the Bruins: would you see them change yellow to gold?!? Come on, bring back the 1986 look and colors.

Tex said...

DCamp, and Stephane, I agree about the VG.

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