Week of February 20-26, 2012

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COTW Feb 13-19 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

The Create-A-Team winner is...
Justin C. with his B.C. Lumberjacks concepts! Here are the results of that VERY close race.
Thanks to Tom and Rizen Graphics for sponsoring the competition and providing the logos for use.

The next HJC competition begins right now and it is a St. Louis Blues ReDesign! We're going with a classic ReDesign for this one. There aren't too many rules or restrictions, so everyone should be able to have a lot of fun with this. Click the banner at the top of the page or check out the STL COMP page for all of those rules and restrictions. Entry deadline is Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

There was a post last night, but it was posted later at night. Be sure to go check it out if you missed it.


San Jose Sharks concept (by Martin)
A couple of weeks ago we saw a green version of this jersey from Martin. Now he has sent in a black version. I just really think this would work better with teal instead of green.

Winter Classic concepts (by Brian R.)
I would prefer to see a more sports type font for the jerseys. I think the Wings sweater is too obviously a Minnesota alternate. The Leafs sweater is ok, but I don't think the Arenas' shield and the 67 Leafs logo work well together.

Detroit Red Wings concept (by Cody)
Sticking with Classic concepts, Cody gives us a "stripefest" of a Wings jersey here. I do like the diamond used with the captain's C. I like the striping that's going on in the yokes, but its thin and the stripes on the rest of the jersey are thick. I'd say use thick or thin.

Winter Classic concepts (by Spirit104)
Spirit wanted the Winter Classic to go in a different direction, further west in fact. He gives us these concepts for a Classic in St. Louis. The Wings jersey is good and we saw that Blues concept last week from Spirit. The logo is good, but it would be best as a wordmark for the event. Then add some more life to it for the actual event logo.

Calgary Flames concepts (by Thomas)
As much as I like the horse logo, I think the flaming C has become too iconic in Calgary. The horse then would be best suited for the shoulders or an alternate. I also prefer when the home and road sweaters use the same logo. The alternate that Thomas uses, while it is well executed, screams 1990's to me. The whole concept is well executed.

Connecticut Whale concept (by HJC)
I have used the wave pattern from their current sweaters an added some outlines to replicate the Whalers blue jersey of the mid 90's. The shoulder patch used comes from a hoodie being sold in their online store. With all of Connecticut's marks and font, I think it turned out alright.

Boston Bruins concept (by Jack)
With a little modification to the 1926-32 jersey, Jack has made this Bruins fauxback concept. I like it, but I think the numbers on the back should be yellow or black. Perhaps a spoked B logo as a shoulder patch too? I also like that Jack resisted placing collar laces on this just because it's "vintage". Execution note, the chest stripes go over the stitching, not under.

Boston Bruins concept (by Jack)
A throwback from Jack. Another Bruins concept from Jack, and this one is the sweater the B's wore for 2 seasons before ditching the brown for black. Jack has Edge-ified this and I think it works well on that cut. Nicely executed.

Nashville Predators concept (by Mason H.)
Mason tries his hand at a new Preds 3rd that again uses the checkerboard pattern. I like the idea of it in the collar, that looks cool. When I look at this I can see that it is really well executed. I also notice the lack of yellow, which I seem to want in there...somewhere.

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Brian B.)
Yesterday I posted an Avs concept by Brian that was based on J.S. Giguere's mask. Brian has taken that concept and "fauxbacked" it. The Colorado "C" on the shoulders looks great and I still love that "sash" down the front. Really nice job Brian.
Week of February 20-26, 2012 Reviewed by Ryan on February 20, 2012 Rating: 5


Justin said...

Wow, thank you to everyone who voted for me!

Thallos said...

Congrats Justin, definitely a close one.

Kyle S. said...

If only the Whale had a stronger primary logo, your concept would be on of the most clever concepts I have ever seen. Still, I live the concept and it's 100x then what they have now. Bravo.

Kris said...

Brian for COTW. That jersey would work great for a Winter Classic.

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