Tuesday's Allright for Winter Classic Concepts

Announced yesterday was the Create-A-Team contest sponsored by Rizen Graphics. Be sure to check out the CREATE A TEAM page for all of the details. There are a few rules, you have to read them not to have your entry rejected.

Vote reminders:
COTW-January (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Jan 30-Feb 5 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

As promised, here are the full results from the All Star Game Jerseys Competition. Again, congrats Thallos!

Over the weekend you might have seen my Winter Classic post. I posted it on CCSLC and got some feedback to change the logo. Which logo do you guys think is better, A or B?

If you fit into a SML or MED jersey, JerseyCity.ca has Penguins home and Oilers alternate authentic sweaters on right now for $75! Oilers sweater is available in all sizes.

I strongly suggest that you vote in the IceHL Dallas Outlaws jersey run-off poll. This message is endorsed by ryan HaSLett.


Yaroslavl Lokomotiv concept (by Thomas)
This one almost looks like Lokomotiv would take a page out of the Habs jersey book, which isn't a bad idea. Hey, it's a nice looking sweater. I wonder if Lokomotiv will wear new sweaters when they come back to the KHL next season. Sort of like a fresh start?

 San Jose Sharks concept (by Martin)
As I post this I realize that one logo has been properly credited, while the other two have not. Writing "(C) NHL Tournament of Logos" is incorrect credit. Seriously, it just took me 10 seconds with a Google image search to find out that GhettoFarmBoy created that shoulder patch and wordmark.

St. Louis Blues concepts (by Chris Z.)
Chris brings back the pre-Edge sweaters (Edge-ified, or course) and keeps the current 3rd jersey. This is a good Blues set, but I would also be good for a complete overhaul of the Blues' jerseys.

Alaska Aces concept (by Thallos)
I've never been a fan of this Reebok striping pattern. If the sleeves stayed the same, but hem stripes were added, similar to what is used on the socks, then I could like this. I do like the simplicity of the pants with the one blue stripe. As always, Thallos' concepts are as clean as a whistle.

Detroit Red Wings concept (by Dave C.)
I prefer this as the Wild's 3rd jersey than a Wings 3rd jersey. In fact, I'm all for the Wings being stubborn and not having a 3rd jersey. You stay classy Detroit...no wait, Red Wings! In no way is Detroit classy (sorry Detroit).

Winter Classic concepts (by MasonII)
I really like both of these fauxback sweaters. A couple of the changes I would make; get rid of the outline on the Wings' numbers and move the Leafs' TV numbers up onto the shoulders. I love the Leafs patch on the arm stripe, but the TV numbers are awfully close to interfering with it and making the jersey look cluttered.

Winter Classic concepts (by Torin)
Torin first posted these on CCSLC. After getting some feedback he made the updates below.
The updates to the Wings' sweater are great. For the Leafs, I would try to find a way to get that T on there somewhere. Perhaps the shoulders or in the arm stripes as we saw with MasonII's concept? I do nominate Torin's 2nd set of concepts for COTW though!

Winter Classic concepts (by Kyle C.)
Leafs jersey is good. For the Wings jersey, I would have matched the shoulder and hem stripes to the thick yoke stripes. I also would have gone with a red collar.
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Unknown said...

sry ryan,
I got this from a page called NHL tournament of logos and I thought that it was made by them. sry for the mistake.

Sam Overgaauw said...

i liked the winter classic logo "B" better. i like how you can see the bricks on the 2 posts

winnipegjets96 said...

I like the shade of red used in winter classic logo A but the brick design in winter classic logo B is better, maybe mix the two. Thomas for COTW

Ryan said...

Same shade of red has been used in both logos, Jets96.

Kris said...

I like your update to the WC logo Ryan. Less pickets in the fence make the logo less cluttered and the brick design is a nice touch.

winnipegjets96 said...

Ryan, your right, sorry, the white between the bricks made it appear a lighter shade of red, So Logo B. is the better one. Oh yeah, jerseycity.ca also has Pre-Edge Oilers home, Flames road and Canadiens alternates for 30 bucks!

Alan John Herbert said...

Kyle C for the COTW.

Tex said...

I like logo B much better. The fact that the Pens hideous jersey is on the clearance rack with the Oilers soon to be defunct third may be signaling a change? I hope so.

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