A Quick Tuesday Concept Post

I'm still not feeling great, so this will be another quick post which lacks comments but is stuffed with concepts. I should be back to 100% by tomorrow.

Vote Reminders:
COTW Feb 20-26 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
St. Louis Blues Top 5 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


Hudson Crusaders Minnesota Junior Hockey League concepts (by Michael L.)

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Stephen T.)

Boston Bruins concept (by Spirit104)

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Keens)

Washington Capitals concepts (by Brian B.)

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Stéphane)

HV71 Elitserien concepts (by Jari) *COTW nomination from me!

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Tom)
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Sam Overgaauw said...

Stéphane for COTW

DCamp said...

This comment is not directly aimed at Stephane but more so to the people who nominate concepts. As Stephane mentionned, his Pens concept is pretty much an edge-fied version of the 88-92 Pens jerseys. Sure it is perfectly executed and the template is fabulous but I think that jerseys who show creativity in new designs and ideas were the ones being nominated for COTW. I am all for positive criticism and accolades but when it comes to COTW nominations, let's focus on the NEW, the DIFFERENT, the CREATIVE. My two cents. Again, no offense meant to Stephane or other artists, just expressing a feeling I've felt for some time now.

Anonymous said...

@DCamp : I totally agree with you. There is probably 90% of concepts being "Edge-fying"; 5% being modernized or ameliorations to existing concepts - pro or not; and a last 5% of concepts that are original and great material. Maybe the COTW nominations should be kept for that last 5%. It's up to Ryan though. But as much as I like - like others - to try to find innovative new concepts, I sometime like to just fool around with old stuff. I really don't do this for COTW, and I agree with DCamp, just like when I was surprised with winning COTW with an old Habs concept, on which I didn't even work alone. So don't worry DCamp, it's no offense at all, you even put words on my thoughts! Maybe Ryan could start a "Recycled of the Week" or a "Execution of the Week"? ;-)

DCamp said...

@ Stephane, I don't think we should ask Ryan to change the format. I think it may be that regular contributors are also getting better at execution and taking fewer "chances". I've noticed that many of the more creative concepts are from new contributors and often lack in execution. I think with more contests (like the recent Blues comp), we will see better original concepts. As an aside (and as a fellow quebecer) kudos to you and your work, it's very professional and clean - some great concepts too!

Josh said...

And then the Execution of the Week goes up against COTW for COTY!

Anonymous said...

@ Josh: why not!

@ DCamp: from Quebec too? Hey, contribute to letroisiemechandail.blogspot.com too! But stay on HJC also!

Unknown said...

hudson crusaders for COTW! just awesome! I want to have the third jersey! :D

DCamp said...

@Stephane: as long as you accept Sens fans!

Anonymous said...

@ DCamp: I'm an hockey fan first of all. And with the very good position of my Habs for the playoffs (Wha-ha-ha-ha), I'll probably support another Canadian team for the next 2 months...

Really, it doesn't matter, even some Bruins fans sometimes drop by and I don't bite!

Ryan said...

The idea of COTW is that when you see a concept that you love, for whatever reason, you want to nominate it. Whatever makes it good, re-hash or not. One of the best things about COTW is that there are no limitations and every concept is eligible. When we get down to our monthly, quarterly, and yearly winners is when you see the more "creative" entries win out. In my opinion anyways.

Anonymous said...

@ Ryan: seen that way, it makes sense. It's OK with me.

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