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I messed up and placed a Create-A-Team entry into the wrong folder. Thus it didn't get entered into the contest. I am fixing that right now as it has been posted below and entered into the comp. If you have placed your Top 3 vote, it has been voided. Please review the entries and vote again, sorry.

B.C. Lumberjacks Create-A-Team Entry (by Justin C.)
This post is going up a little later because I was busy making Death Star meatballs for Valentine's Day. That's right, meatballs shaped like the Death Star from Star Wars. Hopefully they turn out!

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Kölner Haie vs DEG Düsseldorf DEL concepts (by Martin)
These are Martin's concepts for a German league (DEL) Winter Classic. I like the Kölner Haie sweater a lot. The DEG Düsseldorf is okay. I think that both sweaters would be better if they got away from the New York Rangers player number style. Also, the vertical stitching has been executed properly on the Kölner Haie concept, but not on the other one.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Cody)
Cody uses the original Lightning blue which is called "Hawaiian Blue". These are pretty good concepts. Even that blue one could be a good 3rd jersey possibility for the current set. This is probably Cody's best work to date and well executed as well.

Atlanta Thrash Hawks concepts (by Kevin)
Kevin has done something here that I've seen a couple times before, where he has used the marks and colours of the NBA's Atlanta Hawks with the Thrashers' old sweaters. It does look quite good and Kevin has done a really good job executing it. The 3rd is my favourite of the bunch.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Martin)
Martin keeps going with the outdoor game concepts with this Penguins...Heritage Classic concept. CBC runs that show, but I guess if NBC can allow a Canadian team in the Winter Classic then CBC can allow an American team in the Heritage Classic. The mustard yellow and the grey both really turn me off of this concept.

Dinamo Riga KHL concept (by Brady)
You can see this club's actual sweaters here. They look the be modeled after the 2007 & 2008 NHL All-Star jerseys. Brady's concept does a great job getting away from that and giving Dinamo Riga their own look. The only addition I would have made would be to keep the skyline at the hem of the jersey. Nice job being accurate with all of the sponsors. In case anyone didn't know, there is a KHL template on the TEMPLATES page.

HJC concept (by Brian B.)
If I could afford to produce HJC jerseys to sell this would be a wonderful look! I might take away the stars from the front, but it still looks really solid and the striping is fairly unique yet simple. Great job by Brian remembering that my goalie number is 29. I also wear 16 when I'm a skater.

Kitchener Rangers concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Brandon S.)
As you guys know, I really like when readers go back to some of their very early work and take what they have learned to improve it. That's what Brandon has done here. You can see how far Brandon has come! Hang on to this concept Brandon, you may need it next week...

2013 All-Star Game logo concept (by Avi)
Avi was able to teach himself some basic aspects of Illustrator and in doing so was able to create this awesome All-Star Game logo for the 2013 edition in Columbus. All the elements look great here. A change I might make would be to move the "COLUMBUS-2013" above and out of the circle. In the circle, I would place white stars. Either way I still give this a COTW nom!
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winnipegjets96 said...

Cody for COTW!!!

Chuckie said...

How can you pass up the HJC jersey for COTW? Anyway, I will nominate it for COTW.

Tex said...

May the force be with you, in the attempt at the death star meatballs. And Cody's lightning for COTW.

Kris said...

Avi's All Star logo for COTW.

Tex said...

You have to have a googel account to nominate for COTW.

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