A Little Late Night Concept Action

I'll jump right into it...

Jersey Collection (Tom)
Two Dany Heatley jerseys is two too many in a collection. I'll also ignore the copious amounts of Ottawa Senators sweaters, haha! Being from the area, you can't expect anything less of Tom than to cheer his hometown team. The authentic All-Star Game sweater from this season and the authentic 2007 Stanley Cup Final sweaters are pretty impressive though.

Saskatoon Panthers concept (by Chuckie)
Chuckie has relocated the Florida Panthers to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He's also changed their colours and given them a new logo. The Pink Panther.

Quebec Nordiques concept (by Jeremy T.)
Jeremy went back and tidied up his first ever HJC concept.

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Stephen T.)
Stephen has a pretty cool idea, when Original 6 teams play each other he would like them to wear special sweaters. I like that idea, and they did something similar for the 91-92 NHL 75th Anniversary season. This jersey looks like it could be cool, but it seems that the left arm stripes don't match the right. Also, the jersey shading has not been filled in and that really distracts from the sweater.

St. John's Shamrocks concepts (by Trevor R.)
Another set of sweaters from the movie "Goon". I think this sweater could have even been better if the S was the main crest (like the old Seattle Metropolitans) and the circle logo was the shoulder patch.

Washington Capitals concept (by Spirit104)
I like this retro inspired sweater. I'd get rid of the collar laces and make the NOB white with a blue outline though.

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Brian B.)
Brian based this concept off of Avs tender J.S. Giguere. Check out that mask HERE. I really like the "rays" design on the front and arms. I also like the wordmark and sash across the front. It's also neat that Brian got his inspiration for this from the goalie's mask.

Dallas Stars concept (by Mason H.)
I love this!!! I look at Mason's concept and think maybe the Stars need to go back to the drawing board and start over? A completely new look. This is awesome as it says Texas through and through, still looks like a hockey sweater, and uses colours that have been underutilized in the NHL to this point. COTW nom from me!

Look for Monday's post (tomorrow, obviously) around 5pm EST. The new ReDesign will be announced, along with the Create-A-Team winner!
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Anonymous said...

you have the wrong jersey that jersey is the blackhawks jersey i sent it stephen

Ryan said...

@Stephen That's what I have...

Alan John Herbert said...

Brian B's Avs Concept for COTW!

Kyle C. said...

I second Mason's Stars concepts, look good, and creative!

Tom V. said...

Wow! I love Brian's avs concept! Second it all day long!

winnipegjets96 said...

second Brian B's Avs Concept for COTW

DCamp said...

@ Brian and Mason: Did you guys make that number font? They look similar to each other's. Good work.
@Brian, get rid of the hem stripe and replace it with the mask's mountain design and you've got a winner!

Brian said...

@ DCamp: I used is the Texas Rangers font and removed all the trims and points. I couldn't find the exact font used on Giggy's mask and that's the best one I could find.

Ryan said...

Sorry guys. COTW nominating ended at 1159pmthe last night. Mason made the cut but Brian didnt.

Brian said...

Okay, seriously now I don't get it. I was nominated @ 11:05 of the night before and I was nominated before Mason. I'm going to need an explanation.

Josh said...

Well, in all fairness, you didn't make the post until 10:40. that only gave people 80 mins to make it and i don't see the second nom for Brian B's concept. I think that the avs concept should be in the COTW vote.

Ryan said...


Thallos said...

Sweet jersey collection Tom. Loving the Sens jerseys (pretty much every single jersey of the modern era). Props for the A-Train jersey too.

Nevill said...

Hey Tom, nice job posting your Crown Royals jersey alongside the others! It actually stands up nicely with the Pros.

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