Last of the Blues Entries?

These are the St. Louis Blues ReDesign entries that have come in this weekend. The entry deadline is 11:59pm EST tonight (Sunday).

I also want to let those of you who have Twitter know that on Monday for the Trade Deadline I will be keeping score. It's TSN vs Sportsnet and who can break the most trades first. It's usually TSN who wins by a mile, but it's still fun to keep count.


STL entry (by Anthony)
STL entry (by Bobby)
STL entry (by Brandon S.)
STL entry (by Caz)
STL entry (by Chris Z.)
STL entry (by Fredrik)
STL entry (by Kris L.)
STL entry (by Lord Moyne)
STL entry (by Matt Mo.)
STL entry (by Steven G.)

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Kevin said...

Ryan I want to add onto your trade deadline Twitter action, if you guys follow @HockeyyInsiderr he is ontop of rumors way before something is even announced or suspected

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