Final Day

Today is the "Final Day" for a lot of things here on HJC.

It's the final day for COTW Jan 23-29 votes. It's currently tied and only 4 people have voted, so get your votes in!
COTW Jan 23-29 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

It's also the final day to vote for the 2011 Concept of the Year! That vote is VERY close and being as this is the most important vote ever on HJC, you should get your vote in before the deadline.
2011 Concept of the Year vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

Lastly, today is the final day for ASG Entries. Here are some that have come in and the remainder will be posted tomorrow. At that point we will begin the vote.

ASG Entry (by Brandon S.)
ASG Entry (by Deferoiler)
ASG Entry (by Tex)
ASG Entry (by Thallos)
ASG Entry (by Trevor)


Washington Capitals concepts (by Adam)
For Adam`s 1st contribution to HJC he has updated the original Capitals`sweater. Even though this has been done many times before, I do have to note the good job on the execution of the concept.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Stephen T.)
Stephen has combined the 80`s arm striping with the pre-Edge hem design. I would be okay if the design on the pants was only the downward triangle, but having the two triangles meet up doesn't work for me. Neither does the sock design. The logo is very pixelated, but I do appreciate the effort that has gone into outlining it in Paint. The old Caps font doesn't fit this jersey in my opinion and where are the TV numbers?!?

Ottawa Senators concept (by Josh)
Josh has placed the original logo on the old alternate, but it appears to be too small. He's also used the shoulder patches from the current alternate. Those don't work for me as they are using vintage white while the rest of the jersey uses true white. The captain's C is a decent idea, but why does it use a different shade of gold than the rest of the jersey?

Nashville Predators concepts (by Justin)
Justin submitted the 3rd jersey for the competition and now he has completed his set. He has added teeth to one of Penn State's logos. It looks cool, but it's hard to ignore that it's a Penn State logo. I really like the shoulder patch created for the 3rd jersey and that he's only used it on the 3rd jersey.

Washington Capitals concept (by Mason H.)
I always liked Washington's blue jersey in the 90's. This would have been really cool, except I don't think I like the black hem under the stripes. I would have preferred that blue. I also don't think that the "weagle" logo looks good in these colours. Either no shoulder patch or something different would be better. Those issues aren't deal breakers though as overall I do like this concept.

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by B&I Design)
I really like the logo created for this concept! However, I find that a standard block font doesn't go well with it. Perhaps something that appears to have more "movement" would be better? I do like the simplified Hurricanes sweater, but where is the Reebok logo on the back? Nice work overall though. COTW nomination from me.

New York Islanders concepts (by Brandon C.)
We've seen the top two jerseys done a few times before. I think the consensus is that it's the best way to utilize the "fishsticks" logo. The re-colouring of a Bruins jersey for the alternate, I don't like here. I don't like those big orange shoulder yokes. I also think that the lighthouse logo is built to be a shoulder patch and not a primary crest.
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Tex said...

what a ditz, i left my entry as fischer '11. duh, my bad.

Avi said...

Thallos's asg unis are freakin sweet!

Ryan said...


winnipegjets96 said...

Mason H. for COTW!

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