COTY Championship Plaque Has Arrived

The 2011 Concept of the Year championship plaque was delivered to me today. It will now be sent to 2011 COTY champion Josh S.

Josh, I will try to ship your prizes out to you this weekend. Due to financial issues, I may have to ship it using the 6-8 weeks method...sorry. On a brighter note, I was really happy with the 6 inch by 8 inch plaque. The quality seems great. I had it made by PlaqueMaker.com. Josh also will be getting a 2011 HJC t-shirt.

 Today is the last day to vote for the COTW Feb 6-12. The Create-A-Team vote also continues. Here is a rundown.
COTW Feb 6-12 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
Create-A-Team Top 3 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)

I'd like to send out a thank you to Kris who will be taking over the Weekly Poll questions.

I wanted to get to this yesterday, but I ran out of time. It looks certain now that the Blue Jackets will move out their superstar Rick Nash. The question now becomes where to and when? Will he be moved before or at the trade deadline or around the draft? Leave your thoughts in the comments.
We got an artist's rendering of Comerica Park for the 2013 Winter Classic Winter Festival. I just thought it was kind of cool.


St. Louis Blues concept (by Mazzz)
The two things I don't like are the white logo and the stripes under the arms, which just come across as re-coloured Lightning victory stripes. The rest of the jersey is cool and those Preds numbers really fit well with this Blues look.

Sydney Piranhas concepts (by Chuckie)
The colours fit the team name well. Also, a good choice on the font, but I don't care for the S logo. Finally, because the fish already appears under the wordmark, I don't think the number should as well.

Buffalo Sabres concept (by WinnipegJets96)
I posted a concept similar to this by Brian B. a couple of weeks ago. That inspired Jets96 to do his own version. I'd prefer the shoulder patches to be the same, probably the buffalo head logo. Also, the red in the logo and on the player number is not the same red that appears on the jersey stripes.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Kris L.)
Kris makes the common hem adjustment to the Flyers Classic sweater. Too bad the captain's C is so pixelated. Same with the shoulder patch. Here are the keystone captains letters for those that need them.

Winter Classic concepts (by Bobby)
I like the idea of going with no NOB for the Classic. I don't know if the TV networks would like it so much. I also like how Bobby provided both true white and vintage white versions. I like both, but I prefer the true white ones. Nice work.

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Justin C.)
Justin has combined the straight sleeves of the Edge jerseys with the "mountain" hem of the pre-Edge sweaters. He's also replaced the black outline on the home jersey with a grey one. Nice work Justin and even though I'd like to see the Avs go in a completely new direction I could accept these as a new and better look to the current Edge sweaters.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Spirit104)
This is a really good and clean concept from Spirit. Really nice work here. I only have two small insignificant notes. One, I'd make the collar insert something other than white. Two, I'd make the yoke outlines thicker. Perhaps have one outside the yoke and then one inside? Still looks good as is though!

Memorial Crusaders concept (by Brady)
Several days ago Brady sent in concepts for his high school hockey team. Today we get another one. I like this one as I think it looks cool, classically inspired, and unique. COTW nomination from me.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Steven G.)
It seems that bringing back the old "Hawaiian Blue" is a popular choice for Lightning concepts. These are options that Steven gives as possible new 3rd jerseys. I don't like the idea of going back to the original Edge logos so soon, thus my choice would have to be option #1.
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Kris said...

I can't imagine that the Lightning will bring in a black third next year. A black infused blue jersey is more likely.

Anonymous said...

I just thought of the "S" logo so that it would not seem like just a jersey with other teams logoes on it. I also think that the numbers on the front tie into the modern feel of the set.


Anonymous said...

Why did'nt u point out the fact dat the right sleeve is blue not white in the Sydnee concept?

Ryan said...

Huh? What do you mean?

Anonymous said...

I think he/she means that I didnt color the sleeve of my Sydney concept white, Which is just lazy.


Ryan said...

Ah, now I see it. I'm really tired today so I probably missed a few things. Leafs game started at 10pm last night. Finished at 12:30. Like an idiot, I stayed up and watched the whole thing. Then I had to get up to go to work at 5am today.

geoff said...

Its been a week or so since I checked out the site but I feel I should comment on this

Currently the school wears Penguins Edge jerseys. Chris has made a definite upgrade with these classically striped sweaters. It's somewhat difficult to find images of the hockey team. When I did, it looked as though they play at a community centre rink. Both are good example of why I think Kansas City shouldn't get a NHL team

University of Missouri is not a NCCA team. They are simply a club team so that is why they play in a community center rink. Also Columbia is 2 hours away from Kansas City. Kansas University also has a club team that uses a community rink for their home games. However the one they were using shut down because their compressor broke down and I believe they use the rink that is adjacent to the Missouri Mavericks arena. When the two teams play each other they try to use the rivalry that those two teams have on the football/basketball side and capitilize on that and they play at the area the Mavericks play in. However they charge even more for a ticket for basically beer league hockey than it costs to go see the Mavericks play. I love hockey but no way am I paying more to see them than to go to a Mavericks game. Mavericks games have great attendance and they are just a CHL team. I think KC sports fans for the most part would support an NHL franchise just because they will go to their games because of the pro label that goes with an NHL team. Look at how they support the mediocre Chiefs. Although I would much prefer KC getting an AHL team instead because I think they could be a lot more successful long term than an NHL team would be unless the people running the Sprint Center decide to have ridiculous ticket prices. Judging KC based on MU's attendance isnt quite a fair assesment of how the fans will support a pro team here. I also dont think judging them based on the Mavericks is quite fair either. They play in a small arena about 20 minutes outside of KC. The Sprint Center is in the middle of a revitalized area of downtown and when the NHL has came here for preseason games every one has sold out. KC is also host to the NCCA Icebreaker Tournament in October of this year. It will be interesting to see what the crowd will be like for that 2 day hockey event at the Sprint Center. However the biggest challenge to hockey in Kansas City is the idiots elected to run the city.

Anonymous said...

About Nash... If I was Columbus' GM - which I'm not! - I'd trade him to a team that will most likely not make the playoffs. Why? Just so I'm not crucified when he makes a difference in the playoff for his new team and that Jackets fans don't yell "See? He was just not well supported by the team! It was all the other players we should have trade! Out the GM!" That's why I will not be surprised to see Nash land in Caroline, Anaheim or even Montreal (yep, we have a couple of players ready to leave in Montreal...) ;-)

Ryan said...

Montreal would have to give up Price to get Nash. CLM wants a tender in the deal.

cody said...

leafs give up schenn and reims for nash sounds good to me.

Richard Mazella said...

Piranhas logo is based on the Anaheim Piranhas of Arena Football (1996-1997) {One of Kurt Warner's teams}.

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