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The winner of the COTW Feb 6-12 is Stéphane with his Montreal Canadiens concept! The winning concept can be seen on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Here are the results of the vote.
Stéphane - 5
Kevin - 1
Stephen T. - 1
Dan C. - 0

Now, there is only one vote ongoing...
Create-A-Team Top 3 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


Halifax Highlanders concepts (by Trevor R.)
These are the sweaters for the main team in the upcoming movie "Goon". Nice job by Trevor replicating them. If the movie is somewhat popular, perhaps they will manufacture these sweaters and sell them. Am I the only hockey fan who thinks this is going to be a really bad, really dumbed down hockey movie? Am I the only hockey fan with no interest in seeing it?

Edmonton Falcons concept (by Chuckie)
Woah, there are a lot of colours here. I can see yellow, 2 shades of blue, and purple. I would slim it down to just two colours and I'd make the helmet the colour that's not yellow. Also, it's spelled Gretzky. I'm trying, but I can't find too much to like about this one.

Team Germany concepts (by Brian R.)
Brian R.'s first concepts to HJC are for Team Germany based on the old Blues' sweaters. I think this is a good look for the German team. Some execution notes include, the shoulder patches on the black jersey. They have been executed properly on the white sweater, but not the black one. Also, the player number should be placed higher up on the back.
Slayer concept (by Kyle C.)
Kyle tells me the band Slayer are big hockey fans. They even have hockey sweaters as part of their merch at their shows. Jere Lehtinen is used on this concept because he is a big fan of the band. If my favourite band (Foo Fighters) sold hockey sweaters, I'd probably buy one. Nice work Kyle.

Ottawa Senators concept (by Spirit104)
Good concept, but I think it would look even better without the yokes. Maybe black yokes with a double outline, if you HAD to have them. I also personally don't think that both the side profile and the front facing logos should be used on the same sweater. It's one or the other. Still, this is a good and well executed concept.

St. John's Ice Caps concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
I'm always a fan of this wider retro font an most any concept. I like the jerseys, but I think the coloured cuffs really don't add anything. If they weren't there these would look more appropriate for a professional team. Also, the Reebok logos on the sweaters need to be executed better and the loose pixels around the logo on the blue jersey need work.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Mason H.)
We now move up to the big club. I like the pilot wings on the cuffs and the Canadian leaf as a shoulder patch is cool, if this is a 3rd jersey. I think that the top blue stripe on the sleeves needs to match the thickness of the same stripe on the hem. Nice work Mason, I really like this one, as such a COTW nom from me!

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Brian D.)
I really like the colour choices, for the Nordiques, but there are way too many fleur de lis! I'd say have them on either just the hem and the yoke or only on the cuffs. I really like that alternate jersey! It's unique and cool, but would also be considered an "acceptable" hockey sweater. Speaking of the Nordiques, are the Coyotes coming to Quebec? Seattle? Southern-Ontario? Staying in Glendale for another season?
COTW Winner Reviewed by Ryan on February 17, 2012 Rating: 5


DCamp said...

@ Trevor: Where did you find the logo for the GOON jersey? A while back I tried recreating the jersey but couldnt find the logo. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-FrRtMLSMs6Y/TxcrwdYPnhI/AAAAAAAAJ78/4w9XthTLlfo/s1600/DaveCampbell-NYI%2528WasAGoonMovieJersey%2529.png

Stephan said...

kyle for cotw

Kris said...

Brian D for COTW. Those jerseys look great.

Samwise Grungee said...


off topic....
The Foo Fighters Rock!!!!

@ Brian D-
I really Love those Jerseys, I actually sort of like the abundance of the fleur de lis.
COTW from me!

D3troit1388 said...

I don't plan on seeing Goon.

Anonymous said...

It is actually like an orange that is mixed between oil and wheat yellow (EDMONTON)!And where do you see purple?


Trevor said...

DCamp, I made the logo myself. I couldn't find the logo either so I made it on Photoshop.

T said...

I second Mason H. for COTW

Kane Gunlock said...

See Goon Its actually a really good movie with a lot of Heart If anything its a spiritual successor to Slapshot

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