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The winner of the COTW Jan 30 - Feb 5 is Ryan (me) with the Winter Classic package. You can see the winning entry on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Here are the results of the vote.
Ryan - 3
Scott - 2
Ross - 1
Chris Z. - 0
Matt M. - 0

In the COTW-January vote we have a tie! Here are the results of that vote.
Ryan - 3
Stephane - 3
Avi - 2
Brandon C. - 1
There will now be a playoff vote which starts immediately and runs until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Votes are reset to zeros, so if you already voted please vote again.

Create-A-Team entry... 

Nantucket Nauticals (by Jack)


Wolfenbüttel Wolves concept (by Martin)
This is a concept team that Martin created for a town in Germany. It also uses the Coyotes logo and is meant as a roller hockey team. If you're calling them the Wolves why use a coyote as the logo? This would probably be more suited labeled as a Coyotes concept.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Elias)
That would be some good looking equipment for a Canucks goaltender. I like the yoke design, but seeing how the white and the blue are touching I feel that it should be the same way on the arm and hem stripes. Nicely executed though!

University of Missouri concepts (by Chris Z.)
Currently the school wears Penguins Edge jerseys. Chris has made a definite upgrade with these classically striped sweaters. It's somewhat difficult to find images of the hockey team. When I did, it looked as though they play at a community centre rink. Both are good example of why I think Kansas City shouldn't get a NHL team.

Detroit Red Wings concept (by Kris L.)
Here's a vintage white Red Wings 3rd jersey option from Chris. I like it except I think the shoulder patches are too close to the collar. I think to add a little more Red Wings style to it the NOB could be arched and the captain's letters could appear on the other side of the chest.

New York Rangers concept (by MasonII)
Mason makes an interesting concept here by using both shades of blue that the Rangers employ in their colour scheme. I actually like this a lot. I don't think it's any better than what they wear now (that would be difficult), but I do think these are really good. Well executed also! I think the red could be darker and not so vibrant.

Guelph Storm concepts (by Kevin) Description on the concepts.

Atlanta Thrashers concepts (by Kyle C.)
Kyle sent in the blue sweater previously and now he has made a white version to complete the set. Oh Patrik Stefan, 1st overall pick but you'll only be remembered for THIS.

Binghamton Senators concept (by Dave C.)
Dave is the first to use the new AHL 3rd Jersey template to create this outdoor game sweater for the B-Sens. I think it's spot on and we would probably see something like this if the Sens played in another outdoor game. Really great work Dave.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Brian B.)
I love these. The blue that Brian has used is great. The silver trim on the arm stripes and the V is the perfect touch. I know we've seen Johnny Canuck not work as a primary crest on a jersey before, but that was a practice sweater. Until we see it on a game sweater, complete with proper striping, I'm not willing to dismiss his chances of being a primary logo. COTW nomination from me!
COTW Winner Reviewed by Ryan on February 10, 2012 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

It could be seen as a wolve :D

Ryan said...

Yes it could be...if we didn't already know it is a coyote.

Unknown said...

yes, you must know that I live in a region where no one knows about the NHL or Hockey. I sent you my jersey collection and there was a blue and yellow jersey. this jersey is the jersey of the team that existed in our near. no we have one but its a terrible team and its too far and too expansive to play in the team.

Tex said...

I pity any fans of Mizzou's hockey program.

stlsnake1985 said...

Yeah I found it hard to find any pics of the Mizzou jerseys as well. I actually got the idea before I saw what they looked like, then afterwards I REALLY wanted to make em! I'm not quite sure what building the Tigers play in to be exact, but I do know that it's in Jefferson City near the Columbia main campus, not in Kansas City. It's funny though, there's alot of talk here in the Show-Me State about KC gettin a team and I understand there's a huge movement in place for one. They've hosted a few NHL exhibition games and even apparantley have a brand new state of the art arena, but you're right, the population figures and interest in hockey in that area of the country just aren't enough to warrant the league establishing an expansion franchise there or having a team decide to move there. I think the Scouts were all the example we needed to know that NHL level hockey just wont work in KC. Still, the idea of havin an interstate rivalry in hockey the same way we have one in baseball sounds like it could be fun! (Especially if KC actually was competative in that league!)

winnipegjets96 said...

Kansas City could have a hockey team, but AHL, I mean oklahoma city has an AHL team and they are doing okay, but anything is better than phoenix and dallas. Although it does seem logical to put a team in K.C. because they have an arena ready, unlike Quebec City, so if Phoenix has to relocate now, then I would move them to Kansas for the time being and see how that goes, sort of like an experiment team. Oh yeah, Dave C. for COTW

stlsnake1985 said...

LOL! Tex, I hate to say it but I'll have to agree w/you on that! Mizzou doesn't have much of a hockey program to say the least, but their jerseys are even worse! I made these with the old notion that if you're going to be bad, you might as well look good while playing shouldn't ya?! ;)

Ryan said...

@Jets96: Yeah there were ownership issues in Dallas and the team hasn't been winning, but it's by no means the worst place to have hockey. I'm pretty sure it's in the top 5-7 largest markets in North America.

just because KC has an arena ready is really the only thing that they have going for them, in terms of getting an NHL team.

If Phoenix HAD to move today I would put money on them going to Seattle.

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Ryan, That's a good point, Seattle would be a cool team, maybe take the thunderbirds from the WHL or Breakers, I mean Metros is the obvs idea but theres always going to be other team names.

stlsnake1985 said...

Well stranger things have happened in this league. Lord knows Columbus I think would be one of that last places anyone would expect to get a team, considering (as I've mentioned before) the larger market and hockey history in Cleveland and Cincinnati. Atlanta is one of the nation's largest markets, yet they failed to make the grade as an NHL team. Location doesn't necessarily have to factor in as much as the ownership and quality of players obviously in establishing the success of a team. Most places are just happy to be represented no matter how bad they're doing. Then again some places that could give a darn less about a particular sport could turn out in droves if that team is winning. Call it fair weather fans, but I'm a firm believer in the other old adage "if you build it they will come." 25 years ago I don't think anyone could have expected to see hockey flourish in the deep south, yet look at it now. Granted Dallas, Carolina and Tampa haven't always had constant success, but you have to admit that the Stanley Cups won in those places have certainly built interest for a sport played on ice where you normally only see ice in drinks! ; )

Brandon said...

I've played at the rink mizzou plays at..... It is not a nice facility at all. They have a set of bleachers with maybe 10 rows of seats running along the side opposite the benches and that's about it. Also I'm not sure if I saw their old jerseys or what but the pictures I found had them in a black and yellow caps edge template. I'm thinking these were their old jerseys because the 18U team I played there was using them.

cody said...

Places that desrve a NHl team:
Kansas City

Tex said...

I'd say Hamilton before Halifax, my list is:


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