COTW Winner (Feb 13-19)

The winner of COTW for February 13-19 is Mason H. with his Winnipeg Jets concept! Unfortunately, there weren't many votes cast. This week I'll chalk it up to the fact that there were 7 different people nominated and they didn't want to vote against themselves. The results of the vote are below.
Mason H. (WPG) - 2
Brian B. - 1
Cody - 1
Mason H. (DAL) - 1
Ryan - 1
Thallos - 1
Avi - 0
Brian D. - 0

Here are some more entries that have come in for the Blues ReDesign. Remember, entry deadline is Sunday @ 11:59pm EST

STL entry (by Calem)
STL entry (by John T.)
STL entry (by Kevin)
STL entry (by Michael L.)
STL entry (by Ricky)
STL entry (by Sam O.)


Lokomotiv concept (by Luis)
The old "Buffa-slug" jersey is to European hockey what the Bruins jersey is to the NHL. That jersey would look good for almost any European team. Great job here with the accuracy of all the logos!

Detroit Red Wings concept (by Jack)
Reprising the retro jersey that the Wings wore for the 91-92 season seems to be one of the most popular choices for the Winter Classic jersey. Again, this raises the question of who will wear white that day.

Winter Classic concepts (by Thomas)
These are two wonderful sweaters! Near perfect if you ask me. I would only do away with the coloured namebar on the Wings sweater. Otherwise a COTW nomination from me!

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Kyle C.)
How 'bout a retro Pens sweater with a wordmark, in the same style as the current Sabres 3rd? In my opinion, not a great choice for the Pittsburgh Penguins, but could work really well for the W.B.S. Penguins!

Dallas Stars concept (by HJC)
This is based off of an old Iowa Stars sweater. I appreciate the reasoning behind Dallas using a football inspired wordmark on the front of their sweaters. I get it, but I also think some sort of logo needs to be there as well. I tried to strike a nice balance with this concept. The pants also take inspiration from the North Stars.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by MasonII)
We've seen similar concepts to this before and they continue to work well. I think that LA shield looks great as a shoulder patch. The hem stitching should stop at the hem stripes.

Milwaukee Admirals concept (by Spirit104)
Milwaukee has some great logos, but their jerseys are plain and boring Reebok cookie cutter sweaters. Spirit does a good job getting away from that for this 3rd jersey concept. I would make two changes, but these are just personal preferences. I'd use a white NOB and I'd also use the really clever logo where the skeleton is using his leg as a hockey stick.

California Golden Seals concepts (by Georges)
I really like the logos and jersey striping that Georges has created for these concepts. I see the jersey stripes and think of the waves in the bay under the Golden State Bridge. The primary logo is a great modern logo for the defunct team and the shoulder patch is perfect. I think the shoulder patch is ready for the NHL, while the seal logo looks more AHL/ECHL to me.

Avi noticed some small errors on his recreation of a Blue Jackets concept logo that I posted yesterday. He has sent in an updated version here.

COTW Winner (Feb 13-19) Reviewed by Ryan on February 24, 2012 Rating: 5


Michael L said...

I think that it being the Winter "Classic" the home team should wear white like they used to. Just my 2 cents.

spirit104 said...

Avi, could I use that Blue Jackets logo?

Justin said...

Georges for COTW! Love the logos, great job overall!

Avi said...


ya, as long as you credit it to me

Brian said...

Jack Gambro's Wings for COTW

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