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Ryan's 2013 NHL Winter Classic Package 

Yesterday I posted this splash ad to promote this post.
This and/or variations of it would be used on TV and websites to promote the game. Here and the tickets are really the only places that the retro team wordmarks show up.

My original thought was there was no way Toronto would be in the game. I originally had plans to use Boston as the opposing team.
At first, I was not going to include any vintage white in the game, but as I went on the option of using vintage white with the Wings was too attractive.

I even started to create Winter Classic sweaters for the Bruins. (This is un-finished)

Here is the event logo and some of its applications.

I finally accepted the rumours and made Toronto the visiting team.
The sweaters I created are a vintage mash-up. The yokes and logo are 1930's inspired. The arm and hem stripes draw from the 1967 jerseys and the blue cuffs are taken from the 1950's white sweater, which later became an alternate for the Leafs in the late 90's and 2000's. The numbers and are a little wider which is the same style currently worn on the 3rd jersey (1967 replica). The captain's letters are also much wider to achieve a vintage look.

The host team, Detroit Red Wings.
I always say about the Wings, "don't mess with a good thing". I tried my best not to. I did go the vintage white route to help with the retro style. I also went with the vintage winged wheel logo. The location of the jersey stripes are actually based on the 1934-61 white jerseys as well as the 1983-84 red sweater. The player and TV numbers are the traditional Red Wings font. However, the NOB uses a standard block font that is not arched, again for the retro look. To sprinkle even more retro flavour, I made the players' gloves vintage brown and added collar laces to the sweater. Both jerseys contain the Winter Classic wordmark inside the collars.

Referee Jerseys
Even the referees should get into the retro act for the Winter Classic. The jersey construction is the same as current ref sweaters, but the vintage white colour is a replica of the 1930's and 40's sweaters. Referee numbers are in black rounded squares just as in real life. Obviously linesmen would wear the same thing minus the orange armbands.

Winter Classic Merchandise
Why does the NHL love the Classic so much? Because it makes a tonne of cash! A lot of that cash comes from merchandise sales. I made some merch to go along with my game. If this stuff were real I'd probably have to buy the ball cap and a blue polo shirt.

Here is a closer look at the official game program. Of course this would probably cost $15-$20 in arena.

Here is a look at the official game ticket. $265 for one of the better seats in the Big House. Too cheap? Too expensive?

Official game patch.
If I added this on the merch page you wouldn't be able to see the embroidered detail.

Detroit Red Wings Merchandise
I'm really happy with how the player tees look! I also imagine the stands filled with people wearing the touque and hoodie!

Toronto Maple Leafs Merchandise
The Leafs have the same items as the Wings. I was going to show the shirts yesterday as well and try and get some jersey speculation going, but the Leafs' player tee doesn't really drop any hints at what the sweater would look like.

This would be the design on the ice surface. The sponsors are official NHL sponsors and taken from the 2012 game. They have been fairly consistent through the first 5 Classics. Below is a closer look at centre ice.

This is what Michigan Stadium looked like for The Big Chill at the Big House in December of 2010.

Stadium Layout
Below is the layout for the Winter Classic at the Big House. The NHL usually colours the field white for a snow effect. The small blue squares are the speakers that get set up around the rink. There is only one tunnel for a players entrance (as far as I can see), so both teams come out the same tunnel then split off, around the broadcast booths, and onto the ice in their own ends. The endzones have the team's city painted on in the same font that MICHIGAN is written underneath.

I hope you like my 2013 NHL Winter Classic presentation. I ended up spending a few weeks on this and many hours and I hope it shows. Thanks for reading!
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Tom V. said...

Turned out great Ryan. I love the merch, especially the patch. Makes me wish I had done more with mine lol. Beauty concepts man

spirit104 said...

Can i nominate this for cotw? if i can, im nominating it

Ryan said...

I'm not trying to promote myself but yes you can.

Brandon said...

Seconded for COTW!!!!! this is flipping amazing. I now pronounce you 2012 COTY. you may kiss the bride!

Ryan said...

Thanks but I don't think my wife will be to happy about me kissing a different bride.

Anonymous said...

For a REAL vintage look, you should of lined the wheel up with the neck line.


Brandon said...

Somehow I knew you would say that. Then just kiss your screen. Haha. This post is spectacular. Definitely my favorite concept I've seen on HJC. very very very well done. Any idea how long you worked on it in total?

Ryan said...

I'm having trouble remembering the actual date when I started, but I would have to say that I probably put over 40 hours into this. That's only an estimate.

Ryan said...

@Chuckie: I thought about that and it would have been one of those cool "authentic retro" elements, but also centring the whole logo made the jersey cleaner and more marketable (in a fictional world).

Brandon said...

Wow I wish I had the dedication to work that much on something like this. It is easy to see the amount of effort put into this project. Very well done.

Kris said...

Beautiful concept! I would nominate it for COTW but that's been done so already. Great work and the effort shows! I plan on starting a similar project soon.

cody said...

the only change i would make is to include the diamond behind the c from the old days for detroit. beautiful work here.

Ryan said...

Take another look. I did.

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