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Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Mazzz)
Another idea here for the Canes to use a Whalers inspired sweater for a Winter Classic. I'd use the Hurricanes' logo as the primary crest instead and I'd keep the white gloves for All-Star teams only. Just to clarify, some people may still believe that the city of Hartford owns the trademark for the Whalers logo. That WAS correct, however they did not renew said trademark (or it expired) and now the situation is a little mirky, but it boils down to the NHL now thinking that they have legally picked up the trademark. Which is why they officially released some Whalers merch at the beginning of last season. Final note, I'd get rid of the green background...or any background that is the same colour as the jersey(s).

Youngblood movie concept (by Dave C.)
I've never seen Youngblood, but from the looks of it Rob Lowe played on a junior team with their sweaters modeled after the Detroit Red Wings. Dave has Edge-ified those sweaters. Some execution notes include the vertical stitching and the TV numbers going over top of some stitching on the arm. The numbers should be above or below that stitching.

Washington Capitals concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
A week or two ago I posted a Caps concept by Mason H. and that inspired Jets96 to create his own versions. Everything here looks good, but my own personal preference would be to switch the logos.

Dallas Stars concept (by HJC)
Here is just another attempt at trying to give the Stars something better. It stays simple, such as their sweaters now, while also heavily using green and North Stars inspired arm stripes.

Atlanta Thrashers concepts (by Alan)
How about some pre-Edge Thashers concepts! I really like the blue jersey. However on both sweaters, the sleeve stripe is outlined in yellow. I think both the hem stripe and opposite arm stripe should get the same treatment. I never loved the design on one sleeve look, but at the same time I didn't despise it. Did you guys like it or hate it?

Oakland Seals concepts (by Kyle C.)
I like both the home and road concepts, but the thorough use of blue on one jersey and the lack of blue on the other don't seem to give the two concepts much continuity. The black alternate is too plain for me and seems "black for black sake".

Mississauga St. Mike's Majors concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts.

All Star Game concepts (by Brian B.)
This was a possible entry for the All-Star Game competition a couple of weeks ago. Brian decided to go a different route, obviously. I like the combination of retro and current sweaters in these concepts. I also enjoy how both eras are clearly recognizable in the sweaters. Really great job here Brian.

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Thallos)
I think this is a really great Avs 3rd jersey concept! Of course the clean and professional presentation helps it, but even without this would still be great. I've never thought that the "big foot" logo was strong enough to be a primary crest, but I think the stripes on the side panels helps frame this logo and make it work. The darker blue looks really good as well. COTW nomination from me!
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Tex said...

That stars concept is JUST like one im doing now, urg...

Ryan said...

Haha, ooops. Do a green one.

cody said...

Thallos for COTW!

Brandon said...

I don't know anything about the at michaels majors, but why put them in the university of notre dame's jerseys?

Kevin said...

@Brandon, I do research on each team before I make jerseys for them because im in the same boat as you, when i looked at the teams origin which was the Toronto St Michael's Majors, before they were officially called the St. Michael's Majors they were called the "Irish" because it was an Irish Catholic school the team represented

DCamp said...

@ Kevin: Kudos to you for all of that hard work. Are you going to take a stab at the Q as well? There are a few teams that could use a new look, e.g. Gatineau & Rimouski.

Kris said...

Brian B for COTW. As well, why did you get rid of the powder blue for the Majors Kevin?

Colin said...

I second Thallos' avs third for COTW. great work.

Kevin said...

@DCamp yea, i plan on getting all of the CHL done but right now Im busy with college and life in general. But the QMJHL is next after i finish with the OHL

@Kris, I felt that two different blue's would dilute the overall scheme. Especially with the Major's having such deep ties to Catholic Schools, many Catholic high schools and colleges either go with Dark Blue or Pine Green (i went to one and we were pine Green and our rival was dark Blue). I added Gold too because Catholism uses Gold as a color that holds power

Kris said...

@Kevin, I see what you mean. I'm a huge Majors fan (I'm from Mississauga) and I'm fond of their current look. Yours still look great though.

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