And the winner is...

Wow, a whole year of concepts has come down to this. The 2011 Concept of the Year winner is Josh S. with his Lethbridge Hurricanes concept!!!!
Here are the results of the COTY Final vote:
Josh S. - 6
Eric W. - 5
Eric was leading up until the final day when a vote came in for Josh. I then posted on Facebook that the vote was tied with 2 hours to go. Another vote came in and now Josh is 2011 COTY champion. I will shoot you an email soon Josh to let you know what is going on. Congratulations!

The other vote that finished last night was the COTW Jan 23-29 vote. Here are those results:
Stephane - 3
Tom - 2
Chris Z. - 1
Ross - 1
Mason H. - 0
You can see Stephane's winning entry on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. It now moves onto the COTW-January vote. That begins right now! Entrants are listed on the side of the page. You can see the concepts by clicking that banner or going to the COTY 2012 page.
COTW-January vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

A couple of votes came in after the deadline last night. They obviously couldn't be counted, so just make sure that you are paying attention to the deadlines when you vote. Just so everyone is clear, when I write "11:59pm EST", that means 11:59 in the evening, Eastern Standard Time.

The ASG Comp entry phase has wrapped up. Here are the final entries.

ASG Entry (by Anothony C.)
ASG Entry (by Kris L.)

Voting is now on and will close Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Click the banner at the top or go to the ASG COMP page to see all of the entries and for voting details.

THIS commercial will air this Sunday here in Canada for the Super Bowl. Has to be one of the coolest things ever!

Comming up this weekend, a special post of something I've been working on for a few weeks...


Jersey Collection (Avi)
Avi has done something that I am seriously considering doing as well and that is go with "Authentic" jerseys only for his collection. I really like the 2004 All Star Game sweater he has. As well, the main piece has got to be the game used #19 Ethan Moreau sweater. The rec league jerseys are cool as well.

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Brian B.)
A white version of the old 3rd jersey. I might be more into this, but this seems really half assed. No TV numbers, no back view. We all know you can do better Brian.

Cleveland Barons concepts (by Chris Z.)
Chris wants to move the Blue Jackets within Ohio, over to Cleveland. Almost every hockey team that Cleveland gets, they name them the Barons. The home and road are Edge-ifications, but I do like that retro alternate. I think it might sell really well if the Barons came back.

Chilliwack Chiefs concepts (by Alan)
This is a team from the BCHL (British Columbia Hockey League). Which is junior A hockey, just under the WHL. You can check out their current sweaters here. I do prefer a logo as a primary crest to a wordmark, but I like the striping on the current jerseys better.

Memorial Crusaders concepts (by Brady)
These are concepts for Brady's high school team. The red sweater in the top right is what they actually wear now. I like the one with the stars on the bottom right the best. Unfortunately for schools it's cheaper for them to just slap their logo on a pre-existing jersey. It would be really great if they could spend some money and let people who wear the jersey, like Brady, design it.

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Dave C.)
I like these as they are classic and straight forward. I'm not in favour of bringing back the old logo as a primary logo though. I think it's had its time, but it's nice as a shoulder patch on the current 3rd jersey. Speaking of shoulder patches, I don't think having them orange is a great idea here. I think keeping them gold with a thick black then white outline would look better.

Winter Classic concepts (by D3troit1388)
I think these fit the "heritage" idea of the Classic well. I really like the TV numbers on the shoulders and the vintage brown pants that he has the Leafs wearing. My only real issue is that I think the Leafs logo should be bigger. Either way, a COTW nomination from me!
And the winner is... Reviewed by Ryan on February 03, 2012 Rating: 5


Kris said...

Congrats Josh! When I first saw that concept I had a feeling that it would likely win COTY.

Ryan said...

For any that are interested, here is the original post from late April with Josh's concept.


Tom V. said...

Congrats to everyone all year for all the great concepts, and especially josh for the winning entry! what a year!!

Joshua Schroeder said...

Quite the honour. Thanks for the votes, everyone. I wasn't so sure I'd come out on top there, since Eric had a beautiful concept that was very nicely executed.

Thanks especially to Ryan for the effort in running these contests and the site. It's a non-trivial amount of time and effort that goes into building stuff like this, and it is appreciated!

Tex said...

Congrats Josh. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Nice job, wouldn't that be a great Memorial Cup final, the Spitfires vs. the Hurricanes...

T said...

Chris Z. for COTW

I wish that the barons had lived long enough to see that alternate on ice

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll second Chris Z. for COTW, congrats on the COTY Josh, Avi,sick jersey collection, where did you get that 2002/2003 not sure on the year all star jersey?

Eric W said...

Damn. I can't believe that vote was THAT close.

Kudos to Josh for a beautiful design that triumphed above many others. That sweater is gorgeous, and I really hope Lethbridge uses it! It certainly beats that mess they're wearing now.

PS: Has anyone else noticed that that the stripes on the Chiliwack concept are exactly the same as the ones the Bruins first wore there? Nice touch.

Richard Mazella said...

Extra kudos to you, Josh, not only for your win but The Trews (and the Hip) earn you "Brownie Points" on this one . . . I knew there was some specific inspiration on this concept (lol)

Richard Mazella said...

Eric, that was a well fought battle sir, I wonder what would happen if you try your concept on a different template, as much as I do like yours as well.

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