Winners Announced!!!

The winner of the 4th Quarter Vote is Glen and his Jokerit concept! You can go to the 2011 COTY page and click on his link to see the winning entry. Here are the results of that vote.
Glen - 4
Steven G. - 3
Kevin - 2

The winner of COTW Jan 9-15 is Ryan (me) with the Sharks concept. Go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the winning entry. The results of that vote are below.
Ryan - 3
Danny - 2
D3troit1388 - 1
Kevin - 1
Tim - 0

With Glen winning the 4th Quarter Vote we can no move into the highly anticipated Concept of the YearSemi-Finals!
Committee Members can click the banner on the side or go to the 2011 COTY page to see the 2 match-ups and then can email their vote in to me.
Semi-Final voting ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST

Josh, Eric W., and Glen please email me to let me know if you are or are not comfortable giving me a shipping address to mail you the Concept of the Year prize (if you win).

This weekend, as I have been Tweeting and mentioning, I enjoyed the AHL Outdoor Classic in Hamilton.
It was a really great time and something very special to see. I would strongly suggest to anyone to try and get to an outdoor game of any variety. For a reasonable price of course. You will get cold, so make sure you don't blow the rent and food money on tickets.

 Yesterday I posted the fauxback jersey that the Bulldogs wore (disappointing not to see the Marlies wear something special), but I had a couple of stripes out of place, so here is the actual sweater.

Here are some of the 3rd Jersey Competition Entries that have come in...

3rd Jersey Entry (by Alan)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Dave C.)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Deferoiler)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Mason H.)
3rd Jersey Entry (by MasonII)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Spirit104)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Stephane)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Steven G.)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Thallos)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Thomas L.)

This was kind of funny, but I have been working on a somewhat detailed Winter Classic presentation for a couple of weeks now. Then the other day on CCSLC I see a thread posted by user "drdougfresh", which used a very similar logo to what I was creating, just MUCH better. There was also a commenter in the thread who said they were working on a similar idea also. I just wanted to post this so that when I do post my stuff there won't be comments like "you copied this from CCSLC". My logo concept is on the left and "drdougfresh"'s is on the right.


Coyotes concepts (by Stéphane)
In the last post, I posted concepts by Yannick for his summer hockey team. Stéphane and Yannick exchanged concepts on that post and now Stéphane has come up with these nice looking updated concepts for the team.

St. Albert Sabres concepts (by Tyler C.)
Tyler has created these for the minor hockey team, the St. Albert Sabres. He shows us the current sweaters on the left and his new concepts on the right. I'm not a fan of the alternate, but I like the Predators inspired home and away. I just think to stay away from copying the predators, the traditional block numbers should be used.

Nashville Predators concepts (by Avi)
Avi entered the yellow concept into the 3rd Jersey Comp Part I and now he's added a road white to match. I like it, but I think the yellow and grey should switch places. The home makes them look like a yellow and blue team, but then the road makes them look like a blue and grey team.

Toledo Walleye concepts (by Brian D.)
Brian has created concepts here using on of my favourite minor league logos. I really think the alternate is perfect and the only change I would make to the other two jerseys is to remove the blue under the sleeves. Nice work here Brian. COTW nomination from me!

Saskatoon Blades concepts (by Scott M.)
Scott has left the home sweater relatively the same, he's switched the number font. He's then added a matching road jersey. I'll start by saying the execution is tremendous! However, these seem like Reebok "cookie cutter" sweaters. I've never been a fan of the Reebok stripings, so I think making a new set based on the current road sweaters would be better...to me at least.
Winners Announced!!! Reviewed by Ryan on January 22, 2012 Rating: 5


Yannick Fortier said...

@ Stéphane : bravo! I really like your version of my coyotes concepts! Vraiment beaux!

Alan John Herbert said...

2nd for Brian D

Anonymous said...

@ Yannick: Ah ben?!? Je ne suis pas le seul francophone sur HJC?!? (Ah oui, merci!)

@ Ryan: I prefer your version of the winter classic logo!

Ryan said...

Thanks Stéphane! I wish I had the time to learn Illustrator and really polish it up.

Yannick Fortier said...

@ Stéphane : Ben non! Avec un nom de même! lol

Sorry everybody, I'll speak englih now!

Kyle S. said...

Hmmm.... I feel like I have seen Steven G's logo before. I don't know, maybe on my Blackhawks concept? Please give credit where credit is due.

Sam Overgaauw said...

where did you get those templates for the coyotes concept?

Anonymous said...

@ Ryan: you made the jump to Illustrator? Good thing! I've been using it for 20 years now (since version 1, I even saw the birth of Photoshop, which at the time I considered a waste of money... that makes me old...) Want my templates?

Ryan said...

@Kyle S: Placing the current Blackhawks logo in the old circle with team name is hardly your idea Kyle. It's a VERY common logo mash-up that gets done about 100 times a year. I have a concept in my collection where I did the same thing from about 3 years ago.

Ryan said...

No Stéphane, I want to learn it. I have to find time to learn it.

Steven Grant said...

@Kyle S, I actually first made that logo on July, 15th, 2011. So don't try to say that I stole your logo idea.


Honestly, do you really think you're so special that you're the only one that can come up with that idea for a logo.

Kyle S. said...

Sorry, I haven't seen the logo done before I made it. Sorry for accusing you of stealing, jeez.

Anonymous said...

@ Sam Overgauuw: you mean the logo or the jersey templates? If you mean the logo, I retraced it in Illustrator from the team's website. The jersey templates are mine, but inspired by the Hockey Jersey Database's.

Anonymous said...

@ Kyle, Ryan and Steven Grant : on a legal point of view, none of you - or should I say we, since we all do from time to time that type of logo composing thing - should have credit for that "logo". Using two already existing and copyrighted pieces of material (because that's what the name ring and indian are) and putting them together doesn't mean that something new has been created. In a way, only the company owning the Hawks and the NHL should have credit, because they own the trademarks to every version of the Hawks corporative image, which include all logos used since 1926. No one here should be arguing on who made it first, cause no one really "made" it. However an element, in part or in all, of an existing trademarked design is used, on a commercial or non-commercial use, can't be a source of rights to anyone except the original designer/design firm/owner of rights. An indian head in a name ring? A creation? Get over it.

Steven Grant said...

@Stephane, your right. The Blackhawks are the ones who deserve credit for that logo.

@Kyle S, I shouldn't have gotten so mad at you, I'm sorry. I just didn't want you to think that I stole your idea.

Anonymous said...

The Coyotes logo was lifted from a AAA team in Ontario.
It's the official logo of the South Central Coyotes.
Barstorm Creative in Vancouver designed it.

just giving credit where credit is due.

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