Wild Wednesday Concepts...not really

There are a lot of votes coming in for the Concept of the Year Semi-Finals and the COTW vote, which is making them VERY close. Be sure to vote if you have not done so yet. On the flip side, not many votes for the 3rd Jersey Comp Part II have come in. So, please be sure to vote for that as well, and of course here is the list of all the HJC votes.
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This was pretty funny when it was mentioned on Toronto radio today. It's also a real treat for all of you Habs fans out there. Check out DidGomezScore.com where you can find out if Scott Gomez scored in his most recent game and how long it has been since his last goal. Hilarious!


Michigan Stags concepts (by Russ)
Russ creates concepts for this old WHA team using the logo of the Fairfield Stags of the NCAA. I think that the actual Stag's WHA logo was pretty creative and might still hold up in today's world. I like the red sweater, a nice classic yet contemporary design. The white version I would also like if the top of the arm was white and not red. Finally, if you erase the NHL shield in the collar insert (nice attention to detail), why not go all the way and erase the one in the jersey tag as well?

Trail Smoke Eaters concept (by Jeremy T.)
Jeremy has Edge-ified an old Smoke Eaters sweater, nice work. I think that the Smoke Eaters logo is another one that has really stood the test of time. It has actually been tidied up a bit and is now being used by the Trail Smoke Eaters of the BCHL (British Columbia Hockey League) Junior A club.

Nashville Predators concept (by Josh)
This could be a cool 3rd sweater for the Preds. I have two concerns though. One being that the blue numbers might not be distinguishable enough on the blue sweater. The second being the checkerboard stripes that get cut off on the arms by the white stripe. Execution note, the shoulder patch is upside down. Other than that, there are some good ideas here. UPDATE: Apparently Josh updated his concept and I posted the old one. This is why it's so important not to rush your concepts into me and make sure you send me the FINAL version! Either way, this is now the updated version and the shoulder patch on the right arm (on the front) and left arm (on the back) are backwards. That still shows a rushed job.

Team USA concepts (by Chris Z.)
I really like this look. I like the stars on the yokes and the classic striping, which I think is perfect for a Team USA uniform.

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Mazz)
Mazz intends this as a possible Winter Classic concept, if the Canes were to ever take part. I think it's headed in the right direction, but it lacks effort without any TV numbers or shoulder patches. I also think it would look better if the blue and grey switched places on the hem stripes.

Carolina Hurriwhales concept (by Ross)
I love it! The logo mash-up is pretty much perfect. How can I even attempt to critique this? I'd say it's perfect. COTW nomination from me!

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Brian B.)
Brian bases this new set on the current 3rd sweater. I like how he's kept it traditional, but also uses the modern numbers from the road sweater. I also like how he's used both vintage and true white on the road jersey. I think the Wild need a re-design. Yes, the have 3 great sweaters right now, but none of them connect to the others except with logos.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Spirit104)
I would love this concept, but that Reebok piping just breaks my heart. I like the stripes along with the stripe on the pants, but then that piping spoils it like ketchup on mashed potatoes. The concept is well executed though.

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Tex)
Instead of matching the arm stripes to the hem stripes, as most concepts seem to typically do, Tex has matched the hem stripes to the arm stripes. He's also made those stripes thicker and did a cool re-colour of the shoulder patch, which is my favourite part of this concept. My only note would be to make the stripes on the pants thicker, to match the jersey and socks.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Fredrik)
We've seen the blue jersey before, as it's the current 3rd sweater of the Canucks. The road white version here is pretty good. I like how Fredrik has made the blue cuff smaller than what it is on the current roads. Having the thicker stripe blue instead of green is also a nice way to tie the two jerseys together.

Ohio Blue Crusaders concept (by Ross)
While the jersey isn't my favourite, except for the yoke outline stripes, the update of the Crusaders logo is tremendous! Then melting it with the Blue Jackets logo completes it really well. I'd like to see just a Crusaders concept using the updated pieces of the logo here.
Wild Wednesday Concepts...not really Reviewed by Ryan on January 25, 2012 Rating: 5


Josh said...

NOOOO!! you posted the old version!! I sent you the new version not to long ago!!

Ryan said...

@Josh: That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to make sure that you are finished your concept before you send it in!

Tex said...

Chris Z for COTW, definately. Only thing i would change would be the crest. Great job!!

Avi said...

ryan did you get my email?

has anyone else heard of the CBJ Fan Protest that is taking place on saturday?


#CBJFanProtest (for twitter users)

Connor Hanley said...

Chris Z COTW seconded

Josh said...

Thank you for updating that. I have really never figured out how to do shoulder patches. Maybe a tutorial?

stlsnake1985 said...

Really AWESOME Blue Crusaders jersey! I love the sprucin up of the logo. Makes me feel kinda inferrior now with the Crusaders concept I sent in a few days ago! ;) In my honest opinion, I would have just dropped the Jackets portion all together and gone just with the Crusaders. (Sorry Columbus, but the Jackets thing just doesnt work for me!) Cleveland is in real need of another NHL team. Such a great hockey market and long history in the AHL. Who knows? If we see enough disgruntled Jacket fans, maybe CLE will get the next relocated team. By the way, thanks for the COTW nominations folks! : )

Anonymous said...

The Hurricanes cannot use the Hartford Whalers logo because it is owned by the city of Hartford hence why you do not get it in video games as an alternate jersey for Carolina.

Ryan said...


City of Hartford did not renew the copyright or trademark or whatever. Then the NHL bought it.

Brian said...

Haha, thanks for the link Ryan!

T said...

@Anonymous: The whalers jersey is actually a Hurricanes alternate in NHL 2K10

Ross' Carolina jersey seconded for COTW

Alan John Herbert said...

Chris Z got my COTW Vote!

Anonymous said...

I like the Crusaders/Jackets concept. But the shoulder patch looks really similar to the New York Guardians solder patch from Icethetics http://www.icethetics.info/icehl/

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