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I'm changing the rules on the weekend posts to no rules. I'm going to use these weekend posts to post whatever I want. It may be a regular concept post, it may be a tutorial, or it may just be general notes and discussion for the week. Furthermore, because there are no rules, you shouldn't expect a post every weekend. I will post on weekends if I squeeze in the time to do so. These weekend posts could come at anytime during the weekend as well. From 12:01am on Saturday to 11:59pm on Sunday.

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COTW-December vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

If you have a few extra thousand dollars sitting around you might want to bid on game worn Winter Classic jerseys from the first period. I thought to myself that it might be worth saving up and purchasing a jersey of a lesser known player. I then though to myself that Anton Stralman used to play for the Leafs (now the Rangers), that would be cool to get his sweater. I'm out of luck on that as his sweater was sent to the Hockey Hall of Fame for display.

Speaking of game worn sweaters, I'm always on the look out for a game worn 2008 Buffalo Sabres Winter Classic sweater. If you ever get the chance to pick up and touch a game worn NHL Reebok Edge sweater, do it! Never mind these "authentics" that they sell, check out a game worn jersey and feel the difference. Reebok has also now made it impossible to purchase EXACTLY what the players wear on the ice. The authentic's for sale feature a bright neon strip inside the collar and are made in Indonesia, while the actual sweaters worn on the ice have a black strip inside the collar and are made in Canada.

After the players showed up on the ice at the Classic wearing standard Edge cut sweaters, the blank templates needed to be changed.

These and all the other blank jerseys can be found on the TEMPLATES page at the bottom on a link titled "NHL Team Templates".

This 3rd Jersey Competition has been by far the most popular in the 2 year history of HJC! As of this posting I have received 43 entries! Lets check out some new ones that have come in...

3rd Jersey Entry (by Avi)3rd Jersey Entry (by Brady)3rd Jersey Entry (by Brendan A.)3rd Jersey Entry (by Calem)3rd Jersey Entry (by Colin)3rd Jersey Entry (by Eric W.)3rd Jersey Entry (by Evan L.)3rd Jersey Entry (by John T.)3rd Jersey Entry (by Josh)3rd Jersey Entry (by Kris)3rd Jersey Entry (by Kyle C.)3rd Jersey Entry (by Ricky)3rd Jersey Entry (by Scott D.)3rd Jersey Entry (by Scott M.)3rd Jersey Entry (by Steven G.)3rd Jersey Entry (by Thallos)3rd Jersey Entry (by Tyler G.)

You have until 11:59pm EST Sunday to get your entry in!
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Avi said...

@ryan: im going to be picking up a game worn cbj jersey in the coming weeks, so ill send you pics when i get it! ive read somewhere (i think on hfboards) that reebok is discontinuing the indo-edge jerseys because of all of the complaints about the quality. the jerseys are made of a cheaper fabric (and of lesser quality) than the ones that have been sold in the past - the cbj store at the arena refuses to sell these because of the poor quality. ive also read that reebok is relocating its manufacturing facilities back to canada because of the issues with the indo-edge jerseys.

@thalos: where did you get that template? the download on ccslc doesnt work for me, so could you send it to me? btw awesome concept.

what do you guys think of my preds jersey? im thinking of promoting it to a home and creating a road and alt to go with it.

Ryan said...

@Avi: Thats encouraging news. I do hope they return production of authentics back to Canada.

Which player's jersey are you getting?

Scott said...

@Avi: I like the jersey. My only issue is with the pattern on the sock. Just not a fan of it.Other than that its well done.

Thallos said...

@Avi: I forgot who made the original template on CCSLC and unfortunately I can't find the origina .ai file. I can send you a folder of .jpgs of each jersey style if you like.

Kris said...

This is unrelated but we should bring back the weekly poll/discussion. I really enjoyed that part of the blog.

Avi said...

i was thinking:
kris russel
matt calvert
ethan moreau
derek mackenzie
antoine vermette
jared boll
fedor tyutin

what do you guys think? the russel and moreau are 250$ and the rest are 400.

Kris said...

@Avi: I'd go for Moreau or Vermette. Also, where are you getting the jersey from?

Anonymous said...

@ Avi and others: I've been asked often where to get vector format templates (in Illustrator format .AI files or SVG files). All the templates I've used in the past for HJC concepts are in .AI format, I don't work in Paint or other paint apps.

If you'd like to have them, feel free to drop me an email, my address is in my profile.

Bill said...


I'd get the Vermette one, but I'm a Sens fan. The non-biased part of me would go for Moreau.

Avi said...

@thallos: that would be awesome actually!!! my email is bluejackets2@aol.com

Avi said...

@kris: the cbj store sells game worn equipment, sticks, and jerseys from the past, and they just reduced the prices on the 10th anniversary jerseys from last year. and stephane thats greatly appreciated!

cody said...

ryan, erics concept is for ...who?? that logo looks like a devils one but a t the same time it looks awful.

Ryan said...

Cody, the logo is a Devils logo and you need to be more constructive with your comments. He drew it one pixel at a time and I think it's really good!

Avi said...

i actually think thats one of the best devils concepts ive ever seen - definitely getting my vote! i really dont know what youre talking about cody, that logo is awesome and im sure it took a long time, so dont be hating

Josh said...

When will the post be?

Ryan said...

Around 10pm EST

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