Week of January 16-22, 2012

The winner of the 3rd Jersey Competition (Part 1) is Glen with his Dallas Stars concept!
Due to time, I will post full voting results tomorrow. However, here are the Top 5...
Glen - 27
Tex - 20
Mason H. - 17
Avi - 14
Ryan(HJC) - 13

This competition was so popular that it has demanded a Part II be added! Pretty much the same rules as Part I, but you have to choose a new team. Check out the 3RD JERSEY COMP page for all of those details.

The COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page. You can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the nominated concepts. Voting Committee Members can then email in their vote until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. Also, while you are on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page, be sure to click the link at the top and familiarize yourself with COTW nominating and voting rules.

Here is a reminder of the ongoing votes on HJC;
4th Quarter Vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Jan 9-15 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


New York Rangers concepts (by TommyGentz)
Something along these lines is what I personally would like to see the Rangers wear. Tommy has based these concepts on the jerseys from the 70's and 80's. Execution on these concepts seems to be very good!

Anaheim Ducks concept (by Martin)
If the Ducks play in a Winter Classic Martin has them wearing these Might Ducks movie themed sweaters. I don't think the league would allow that, or Disney. I would also prefer that full duck logo used as a crest. Also, I'm not feeling the gold hem. I think it would look better if it were black, to match the stripe that touches it.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Tyler C.)
This is intended for the Canucks 50th anniversary (in 9 years). The TV numbers appear to be too small and the 50th anniversary logo is too cluttered, I think. I like the thought though. A note to all you MS Painters, notice how Tyler has used the template and how he has applied to shoulder patches. They are still rotated 90 degrees, he has just placed them a little higher on the shoulders. If you are an MS Painted and want to use this template, that is how I suggest you do the shoulder patches. However, I'd suggest before that to not use this template.

Vancouver Millionaires concepts (by Tyler C.)
Here's a set of Millionaires concepts, Tyler must have been in a Vancouver phase! Don't forget that your stripes should go over top of the jersey stitching. Also, I find the primary logo to be huge.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Steven G.)
When the Canucks bought the rights to the Millionaires brand, a year or so ago, I really though that they would do something special with it. We haven't seen anything yet, but Steven has come up with this concept, inspired by the Millionaires, as a 3rd jersey for the Canucks. I love the use of the "VC" logo as the primary crest. I think if the pants and gloves were blue it would give this even more of a Canucks theme.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Josh)
To start with, the shoulder patch is upside down and why does it only appear on one shoulder? That doesn't seem to make sense for this concept. Also, I think they jersey stripes and sock stripes should match and the NOB would be more visible to fans and TV crews if it were white. Your concepts are getting better Josh, keep at it.

Team Nunavut concept (by Jérémi)
Jérémi continues with his Canadian territories concepts. The jersey striping is spot on! However, this concept desperately cries out for shoulder patches and/or TV numbers.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Bobby P.)
This is pretty well executed by Bobby. I like the road white, a lot. I think they home sweater might look better without the red yoke and replace the silver collar with red. Still, really nice concepts here.

Swift Current Broncos concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
Jets96 bases these new home and road concepts on the current 3rd sweater. I think they look a lot better than the "Buffaslug" striped jerseys they wear now. The 3rd is a little too Reebok "cookie-cutter-ish" for my liking, but I can understand if others like it. Also I have to mention how nice the execution is!

San Jose Sharks concepts (by Steven G.)
WHAM! I love these! To me, they are perfect Sharks concepts. A very good amount of teal and the orange trim is present enough to still be trim and not small enough to get lost in the jerseys. I like how there are now collar laces for no reason and all of the striping and equipment fits so well. COTW nomination from me!

New York Rangers concepts (by Matt M.)
Matt sent these in an asked where the better location for Lady Liberty is. Shoulder or primary crest? I think on this concept I like it better as a shoulder patch. What do you think? Great execution by the way.
Week of January 16-22, 2012 Reviewed by Ryan on January 16, 2012 Rating: 5


Tex said...

So close, yet so far away. Congrats Glen.

cody said...

wow.steven for cotw! combine that with your alternate ryan and i would like to see that as teh jerseys. perfect!

Tommy Gentz said...

Martin: Your jersey really made me laugh and nostalgia. Needs cleaning up with the back numbers, but a fine idea.

Matt M.: As a Ranger fan, I am not liking these. The Lady Liberty is a more modern logo and looks great with modern not a classic jersey. I like the mix of all these Ranger jersey elements, but its not my cup of tea. However an excellent effort and it looks great.

Anonymous said...

Where's the Nordiques' jerseys for COTW ? Those were awesome... to bad :-(

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