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Because Reebok mislead all of us jersey geeks, the Winter Classic sweaters now need to be updated for the TEMPLATES page. I hope to have that done for tomorrow's post.

Speaking of the Winter Classic, Mason H. made the trek to Philly, all the way from Dallas, to enjoy the spectacle. He was kind enough to share some of the pictures he took and he also picked up a Flyers Classic jersey while he was there. He was in Section 420 / Row 7.

Here's a question, I know many Canadians love the World Junior Championship, but how many of HJC's American (or any other countries) readers actually know that it's going on? If so, are you watching or keeping track?

Here are SOME of the 3rd Jersey Competition entries that were sent over the last 24 hours. Response to this contest has been great!

3rd jersey entry (by Alan)3rd jersey entry (by Dave C.)3rd jersey entry (by Kevin)3rd jersey entry (by Stéphane)3rd jersey entry (by Tex)

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Josh)The stripes on the jersey are good. I think the numbers should use an Avalanche red outline as opposed to a different shade of blue. Also, the wordmark logo doesn't work well here, in my opinion. Again, there are loose pixels around the logo.

Spartak Moscow KHL concept (by Luis)Spartak uses a reverse Red Wings Winter Classic jersey as their home jersey. Luis puts them in a jersey that is nearly a replicate of the Soviet's 1972 sweater. He has made the hem stripes match the arm stripes, which was not the case in '72. Nice work, I like this concept.

Seattle Thunderbirds concepts (by Kevin) Description on concept.
Winnipeg Jets concept (by Josh)This one is is pretty good. Perhaps it could use a hem stripe, but also the lack of hem stripe may be offset by the shoulder yokes. Execution note; there's a red outline on the front yoke, but not the back.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by WinnipegJets96)This is ok, but I have 3 points of contention. I personally don't like a lot of the white parts. I don't think the white collar suits this concept and the solid white arm stripes aren't my favourite. Also, the vertical blue stripe on the socks could go, but I do applaud the creativity.

Pittsburgh Penguins logo mash-up (by Brian B.)Brian puts "Robo-Penguin" on 'roids here! He looks really angry now. Well done, however I wonder if it would look better with the eye and brow from the 80's logo?

Ak Bars Kazan KHL concept (by Luis)Have a look at their actual sweaters here. Luis has taken it in a bit more traditional route. I like the concept...for a different team. I like their current look. However, the concept is extremely well executed!

Spokane Chiefs concepts (by Kevin) Description included on concept.
Carolina Hurricanes concept (by HJC)I'm really starting to dislike the Canes' 3rd jersey, so I tried to create a new one. I wanted to play around with the hurricane flag detail a bit. I threw it on the arms as a darker shade of red and "hid" it in them hem stripe. I also changed up the player number a bit. I also added the flag detail in the arm stripes for an updated version on CCSLC here.

Dallas Stars concept (by Brandon C.)There it is! This is what should be the Stars' home sweater (or at least the 3rd)! My only comment would be to try a small white outline around the logo. Either way, this looks great. COTW nomination from me!
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Tommy Gentz said...

@Josh: great ideas here, this jersey just needs alot of fine-tunning. Like Ryan said, the white outline on the logo needs to go and the numbers need some of that maroon. Also, the logo placement needs work. maybe make it higher and angle it.

@Ryan: I am with you i dislike many things with the Carolina set (especially the red pants, the whole set is just too much red). This is waay better but the hurricane checks need to be a bit more viable. I do love when there are hidden logos in jerseys, but I feel like it may be stronger with it darker.

@Brandon C.: Love it too and should be the alt or home. However Ryan is right it does need a white outline on the front. There is white outlines everywhere except the logo so just to keep it uniform and equal.

Tex said...

I follow the WJC, unfortunately, I was away and didn't get to watch, but I definately follow.

Ryan said...

Another question for the American readers. Do you guys get TSN? On cable or satellite packages? Maybe people from cities close to the border?

Samwise Grungee said...

I follow the WJC here and there. I mostly follow the World Championships.

@ Ryan: Here in Minnesota, I believe that we get TSN, however, it must ordered in order to watch it.

winnipegjets96 said...

@Josh; both if your concepts in my opinion are headed in the right direction! The Colorado one its a good start but fix the socks (make them more traditional) as well as maybe some white in between the red curved stripes on the arm and take ryan's advice on the numbers and it would look good. The Jets concept is really good but fix the outline on the shoulder yoke and maybe make the logo a little smaller but its still a good concept.

@ Luis; Both of your KHL concepts are really good! I really like them!

@Brian.B; your mash-up logo is really cool, It would be really cool on merchandise like t-shirts and hats or a shoulder patch

@Ryan: I like your 'Canes concept. I don't mind the home and roads for carolina however I really don't like their Black Alternate, this would be a perfect replacement for their alternate, I'd like to see a white version before I'd be sure if it would be good replacements

@ Kevin: I've really enjoyed your redesigns for the WHL so far! These concepts look great, glad your moving away from the cookie cutter jerseys because every team uses them (especially the ottawa/pittsburgh template)

@Brandon.C: This is perfect for Dallas! I 2nd it for COTW! Maybe adding a shoulder patch would be cool but It's perfect the way it is!

D3troit1388 said...

When I used to live in Michigan, we could get CBC but not TSN.

John S said...

If Mason H. is reading this/Ryan could you contact him and get in touch with me, would love some high res images of the W/C jersey!

Kevin said...

@A blog for the REAL sports fan thanks so much, i really appreciate it!

@Mason H. damn dude you were at the tip top of the building behind home plate how was seeing the game and your trip up?

Kris said...

@Kevin: Are you doing a redesign for the entire CHL or just the WHL? Anyways, great work!

Kevin said...

@Kris my plan is to do the entire CHL b
ut right now Im taking a small break from it

Mason H said...

Trip was basically the greatest I have ever been on and my seats were literally perfect for seeing. I was right on center ice and had no trouble at all seeing. Great experience.

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