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COTW vote Dec 26- Jan 1 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

On Friday, the COTW-December vote will start. The following Firday, the 4th Quarter Vote will begin. Then the Friday after that, the COTY Semi-Final Votes will commence. Followed the next Friday of course, by the 2011 COTY vote!

The COTW will continue in 2012. However, in early September I am expecting to become a father. So, the amount of time I put towards this site will most definitely decrease. There is no guarantee that there will be a COTY 2012, however will we work forwards assuming that there will be.

I hope you were able to pop in at some point yesterday during the Winter Classic Live Blog.Some concepts were posted and everyone who had sent in a jersey collection in the previous days, got theirs posted. Of course Reebok screwed the average NHL jersey collector again by producing old CCM cut sweaters for retail and then the players show up on the ice wearing the standard Edge cut jersey. Not to mention, that the price of Winter Classic jerseys was higher this year, despite using the CCM cut, which in its final season of production retailed for $99.99!Immediately, speculation shifts to next year's game. Early rumours suggest that Detroit would be the next host, attempting to fill the Big House.Here is an article from USA Today, suggesting possible locations for next season. They suggest that the Leafs would be a good opponent in Detroit, which would be awesome, but I don't see any way that NBC would accept a Canadian team playing in the event. I think Boston may be a more likely opponent. Washington has also been rumoured to be a host next season.

By the way, congrats to anyone who ordered and received their $13 Islanders jersey from Shop.NHL.com. I will never order from that site again as they have yet to even ship my jersey and I ordered it 11 days ago!

The 3rd Jersey Competition is underway. Be sure to check out the 3RD JERSEY COMP page for all of the rules and details. Here are the first batch of entries that came in.

3rd jersey entry (by Colin)
3rd jersey entry (by Jeremy)
3rd jersey entry (by Kyle M.)
3rd jersey entry (by Martin)
3rd jersey entry (by Russ)
3rd jersey entry (by Shaun)

Montreal Canadiens concepts (by Torin)I like all of the jerseys, including the white one in the middle. That could be a decent entry into the 3rd jersey competition. However, I don't know how happy Habs fans would be having a maple leaf as their shoulder patch. I also don't think the Maple Leafs would be too happy having the Habs wear said shoulder patch. It would just add more fuel to that rivalry though.

Team Mexico concept (by Luis)Even though the IIHF ranks Mexico 33/48 in the world does not exclude them from possibly having great jerseys. Another good Mexico concept from Luis here and I really enjoy those sleeve designs. I'm not crazy about the two toned green gloves.

Chicago Blackhawks concepts (by Stephen T.)Stephen Edge-ifies what the Hawks wore from 1926-1934. This is one of Stephen's better executed concepts.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Roger)Roger makes some changes to the Canucks set and creates a new 3rd jersey. I like the promotion of the vintage pants to full-time status! Execution note, as discussed in the TV numbers tutorial, the TV #3 on the Bieksa jersey should appear "cut in half". If this were an actual sweater, it would end up having #33 on the sleeves.

St. Louis Blue Eagles concept (by Ross)Another in Ross' mash-up series! First, the jersey is great. I also really love how the tails on the Blues' note logo also double as the eagle's wings! Great job, COTW nomination from me!

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Alan)Nice logo Alan! I really like the jerseys as well. That different design with the arm stripes looks cool and unique. I'm not a fan of the lighter blue coming up from the hem, but I do like its design.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Ross)The final mash-up from Ross is a combo of the old and new Jets. The primary logo is a really great combo of the two logos, especially the two hockey sticks that made the J in the old Jets logo. The shoulder patch is a little boring for my taste, but everything is so clean and good that it makes this hard to criticize. Just as a recap, here are all of Ross' mash-up logos.
Saskatoon Blades concepts (by Kevin) Descriptions included on the concept.
Team United Kingdom concept (by Luis)The IIHF has Great Britain ranked 21/48. The jersey is cool, but I think it could be better if the logo would lose the banner and the yellow to look more like THIS. The shoulder patches are good, but if they were smaller I think it would be better.

Hartford Whalers concepts (by Kevin)Kevin gives Hartford their Whalers back as a late Christmas gift. Unfortunately for the city, it's only in concept form. Kevin Edge-ifies their old jerseys and makes the green one the alternate. I always prefered the green as opposed to the blue jersey, but I get the sense that debate is split 50/50.
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Tommy Gentz said...

I feel like with all the love for Whaler's merch, this wouldn't be a bad idea to sell, or the Conn Whale does something smart and take a little out of this

Anonymous said...

@ Ryan : there is a rivalry between my Habs and your Leafs?!? Wel the times, they are changing (like was singing Dylan) : Bell now owns a piece of both teams! Red on the Leafs jerseys or a leaf on the Habs jerseys anyone?

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