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I've always been a fan of Tom's work. At the start of 2011 he was a frequent contributor and then he went dark for a few months. Over the last several weeks he has been sending in his fantastic works again. Today I will feature his Winter Classic program that has been in the works for a couple of months. Words in italics are Tom's own. Before I even start, I'll let you know that I'm giving this a COTW nomination!

Winter Classic mark
Tom decides to go against the rumours and places the game in Denver. I really like that he worked the puck swoosh into the logo and the mountains looks great up top. My only small concern is that the wood panel which holds the wordmark might be a touch too bare. Maybe it could be shorter? Still a really nicely put together logo and believable that it could be an actual Classic logo.

Tom has the event at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. It would no doubt be the biggest Winter Classic ever as the stadium holds over 75,000 fans (thanks Wikipedia).

Game Program
This could be great as the "official souvenir game program". Can't you picture yourself going to Denver and over paying for this thing?

Promo spread
Something like this would appear on NHL.com or on NBC's website to promote the game. The "program" above could be used in the same manner.

Colorado Avalanche jersey concept
Colorado is almost 100% inspired from the Nordiques 1972 -73 uniform. I decided to do the old Rockies logo with a simple edit on the mountain for an A. I made sure to keep the yellow in the Rockies logo to make it seem like more of a Rockies inspired jersey, even though it is mainly Nordiques inspired.

I like that Tom took the yokes past the typical Reebok Edge yoke stitching. Very retro. I do have to note home the vertical stitching shouldn't go over top of the hem stripes. I do love this jersey, it's my favourite of the two.

St. Louis Blues jersey concept
As for the Blues concept, I was tempted to use the red but stayed away. I used the old school wordmark with a similar striping pattern from that era. For the secondary I used the old sharp edged logo with the writing inside.

I personally don't think the vintage white collar works, but I really like the arm striping. At first I thought just the wordmark looked too plain, but after seeing it on the player model it really helps with that vintage look.
The full body rendering is where most of the work was. I have been in the process of cleaning up the template you provide on your site for quite some time now. In the end I'm glad with how it turned out.

For the numbers and names on each jersey, they are both accurate to the numbers and names used on their current jerseys with slight colour changes of course.

I added a credits page out of respect to the Logo's and photo's I've used. I don't want to be stepping on any toes. I would have added it to every page but decided there was too much information, so i decided to create a separate page for credits.
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Sam Overgaauw said...

slinglawow looks good tom!

Anonymous said...

Nice concepts.
One question, could the Avalanche use the Rockies logos as they are really the team that moved to New Jersey to become the Devils?
Other than that, nice touch.

Martin said...

taht will be the COTY 2012
we should now nominating for COTY 2013 :D great concept!

Kris said...

COTW nomination from me!

Tom said...

Thanks guys, I did think of the Rockies being the new jersey franchise... but i figured why not do it anyways. Not really sure what the ruling would be in the nhl though.

Martin said...

why you dont made something with the nordiques? I mean its a part of the franchise´s history.

Tom said...

@ Martin: I tried to make sure i represented both teams. The Rockies i felt was important because of the city. As for the Nordiques.... I based the whole concept on the 72-73 uniforms.

Nevill said...

Nice work, Tom! Maybe the Avs will rock something similar in the near future!

cody said...

wow. go tom! loving this set of jerseys.

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