Some Wednesday Concepts

Here are some entries that have come in for the 3rd Jersey Competition Part II... 

3rd Jersey Entry (by Bobby)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Brady)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Brain B.)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Calem)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Eric W.)
3rd Jersey Entry (by John T.)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Tom V.)

Just on a quick side note, it's good to have Tom send in a concept again. If you weren't reading HJC earlier this year, you missed some really good concepts by Tom. Hopefully there will be more.

Committee Members, here are the ongoing votes. All of them are VERY close, so if you haven't voted yet be sure to do so before the deadlines.
4th Quarter Vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Jan 9-15 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Wilkes Barre Scranton Penguins concepts (by Ricky)
Clearly these are based on the 90's Penguins alternates, but they are too busy for my tastes. I think just sticking with the vertical arm stripes and the gradient bar across the middle would be best here.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Martin)
I think you should go with EITHER a chest stripe or shoulder yoke for this one, not both. I like the Penguin without the triangle in the chest stripe. However, the player number on the back is too small and the NOB is too big. Also, the TV numbers look way too big and all of the equipment is pixelated. Finally, the Reebok logo on the back has random red pixels in it, as if it has not been re-coloured with the rest of the jersey.

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Evan L.)
The home red concept is the retro Devils sweater with the Wild logo. The road jersey is not well executed with its pixelated logo and the stitching that stops at random. The alternate sweater does have potential. I think the logo used should be moved to shoulder patch status and the bear head logo used as the primary.

Calgary Flames concept (by Tyler C.)
I feel like this is a fauxback...to the mid 90's! I really appreciate the new ideas here though. The concept is actually well executed except for the flames on the front left arm, which seem to be coming off of the jersey.

Anaheim Ducks concept (by Josh)
Josh has re-coloured the Ducks' alternate jersey into their old eggplant and jade look. I think that's actually not too bad of a look, for a 3rd jersey. The execution is nearly perfect except for the TV numbers. The 9 needs to be centred on the sleeve, thus only half of it would appear. Then, why does the left sleeve have a 0 on it?!?!?

Washington Capitals concepts (by MasonII)
The home and road concepts are pretty cool, however I would lose the black yoke and the road uni. I think the main event here is the alternate! Despite clearly borrowing the sleeves from Columbus, I think the look works really well with these colours!

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Kevin)
I love when people do this! Kevin has gone back to one of his original submissions and has applied everything he's learned in the last year or so to fix it up and change it to meet his original intentions. With so much pressure to return black to the colour scheme, I wonder if we will see some sort of vintage inspired 3rd jersey in the future?

New York Islanders concept (by Dave C.)
Originally this was going to be a sweater from the upcoming film, Goon, which looks terrible to me! Obviously, it became an Islanders concept. I like its direction except I think the hem stripes should match the stripes that get cut off on the arms. Also, the vertical stitching should end at the top of the hem stripes.

All Star Game concepts (by Alan)
Honestly, I think these are...good. I like the colours and the layout and the stars placed around the hem. I just think the shield with the TV numbers in it should be smaller. It seems rather distracting on a well put together jersey.

Dallas Stars concept (by Kyle C.)
Kyle couldn't decide which entry to submit for Part I of the 3rd Jersey Comp. He didn't go with this one. Luckily for him, there was a Part II, so he entered this concept. It was in the rotation so I HAD to post it (personal policy), but because it's currently in a contest I won't comment on it.

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Stéphane)
My FAVOURITE part about these concepts is the use of both ash black and true black! I think that really works for the Ducks. I also really like the gold sleeves that stop at the arm stripes. I think that's a design that we've really not seen before in the NHL, but it looks great. My only remark against these concepts is the collar laces, which just don't seem to fit in my opinion. COTW nomination from me!
Some Wednesday Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on January 18, 2012 Rating: 5


cody said...

stephane for cotw! that template looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

i heared captains ae chara and alfredson

T said...

Stephane for COTW

BTW: do you get that template from a website or do you make it yourself?

Anonymous said...

@ Torin: it's a home made vector template based on the Edge template from The Jersey Database. It as always bugged me to work with a "arms up in the air" template, so I made this one. I'll probably made them available for download on my blog sometimes.

@ Cody: Thanks!

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