Oilers, Ducks, and More Tuesday Fun

There's a lot happening right now on HJC. The biggest thing has to be the Concept of the Year Semi-Finals. You can check out those match-ups on the 2011 COTY page. Here's a full list of all the ongoing votes.
COTY Semi-Finals vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
3rd Jersey Comp Part II Top 5 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Jan 16-22 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

I got some good ideas from you guys yesterday as to what contest we should do next. Ideas that were mentioned were Panthers 3rd Jersey Comp (mine), Create-a-team, and an All-Star Game ReDesign. I like all of those, but I would be worried about doing "create-a-team" because most people don't draw logos and I don't want a contest where other team's logos are being placed on jerseys to create a new team. So, I'm listening for even more ideas and the one that gets the best response will be the next competition!

Don't forget, the Weekly Poll makes its return this weekend!


Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Martin)
Martin has moved the Coyotes to Quebec...and brought their logo with them? He's "updated" the unused logo from the 90's, but Coyotes aren't typically associated with the north. That's why a husky was used on that logo. I do like the Winter Classic jersey, on the far right, but a black patch on a dark blue jersey is near impossible to see.

Florida Panthers concepts (by Torin)
I really like the road white jersey and the alt is okay. The home actually isn't too bad either, but I think it needs more yellow. The yellow in the colour scheme is what makes it say Florida, to me anyways.

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Josh)
Josh outlines the stripes on the current home sweater with the red from the 3rd jersey. In my opinion, it makes the orange look too "firey". Perhaps if the yokes got the same treatment and the blue was a little more in the powder blue range I'd like this. Execution notes, the vertical stitching needs to end at the hem stripes and where are the TV numbers?!?!

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Chris Z.)
Chris went with thick orange arm stripes and collar laces. I actually kind of like just the oil drop as a logo. I think this could be great as a 3rd jersey, if the Oilers' primary logo was a shoulder patch. I also think that the player number should get just a thick white outline like the TV numbers.

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Cody)
If it weren't for two items, this concept would be really well executed. The TV numbers seem way too big and the shoulder patches are uneven distances from the collar. Usually I wouldn't notice that, but it's pretty evident here. I like the current 3rd jersey in the old colours though. I wonder how Ducks fans would feel about Wild Wing on their sweaters again?

Anaheim Ducks concept (by Spirit104)
Spirit has removed the yoke outline and placed the primary wordmark logo on the alternate sweater. Sorry Spirit, but I think you made these jerseys worse. In my opinion, orange numbers and NOB would add more life to this concept. Execution note, there are un-coloured pixels at the tip of the collar!

 Chicago Blackhawks concept (by D3troit1388)
This is a decent concept. It seems like this is something the Hawks might have done in the 90's, with the simple red, black, and white colour scheme. Execution note, the red and black used on the sweater is not the same shades as what is used in the logo. Something as simple as that is the difference between a "decent" concept and a really "solid" concept.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by MasonII)
Mason uses the Ramblers inspired logo that I drew up as a primary crest here. I didn't think it would look good on the front of the sweater, but I appear to have been wrong. I think for this concept the different coloured namebar doesn't work well, but I'm probably in the minority with that thought. Really well executed though Mason!

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Fredrik)
Wow, this looks really old school. I guess you could call it a fauxback. I have to mention the vertical stitching again and are those hem stripes intentionally that high? I love that classic stripe design on the pants! Overall a good look for the Jackets.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Steven G.)
This is a cool vintage mash-up by Steven! The hem stripe is from the '67 sweater while the sleeves are obviously from the 1930's sweater. I also like when anyone places the Arena's "T" logo inside the 60's Leafs logo. I love the vintage collar as well! Great concept and that's why I give this a COTW nomination!

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Kevin)
My favourite part of these concepts is the wider numbers that Kevin has used on the home and road concepts. However, I think the shoulder yokes could do with an outline. If the laurel leaves on the arm stripes are supposed to be in one direction, then they would need to be reversed on one side of the jersey. The hem stripes are okay though.
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Martin said...

wow i´m the title picture on facebook today :) thx :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out my lack of drawing logoes.


stlsnake1985 said...

Glad you like my jersey Ryan! I thought about the regular logo as a shoulder patch but it's a bit difficult to place it right with MS Paint. (To say nothin of it becoming real pixleated either!) To be honest, I'm not too fond of shoulder patches so I only put them on if I think the jersey really needs it and I can make it turn out clear.

Hermilo M. said...

A competition I've been yearning for is a modernization of the wacky 90's uniforms. I think it'd be great for every team to have an alt that has design elements out of the norm to really bring out the creativity in concept artists.

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