Last Day for Last COTW Vote of 2011

Committee Members, today is the last day to vote for COTW Dec 26 - Jan 1!
Three concepts currently share the lead. If you have yet to vote, get your vote in and break the tie!

The response to the 3rd Jersey Competition has been phenomenal! It looks like after this one is voted on we may do another round where you have to do a different team from the list. We'll see. Anyways, here are SOME of the entries that have come in.

3rd Jersey Entry (by Chris Z.)3rd Jersey Entry (by Connor)3rd Jersey Entry (by MasonII)3rd Jersey Entry (by Ross)3rd Jersey Entry (by Ryan HJC)3rd Jersey Entry (by Spirit104)3rd Jersey Entry (by Stephen T.)3rd Jersey Entry (by WinnipegJets96)

Barys Astana KHL concept (by Luis)Luis has added a lot of life to this team's jerseys, check out the actual sweaters here. These are really good and I can't think of too much to add. Maybe a thin lighter blue outline around the numbers? Really nice work and I love the accuracy of it! COTW nomination from me!

Calgary Flames concepts (by Dylan)Some execution notes, the shoulder patches are upside down. Also, they should be cut in half with each half shown on both sides of the jerseys. The 3rd jersey is ok, but why is the collar a different shade of black than the jersey? Also, the font on the back is too generic and I'm not a fan of teams using uppercase and lowercase letters.

Calgary Flames concept (by Brandon C.)I actually loving everything about this concept except for the yellow numbers. In my opinion, they would look better if they were white. Excellent execution on this concept!

All Star Game concept (by Josh)This one is too plain for me, however I like the idea of the stars at the bottom of the sweater. I just think they need to be about 50% smaller. Also, as it appears right now there is only half of the All Star Game logo on the shoulder. The other half should appear on the back left shoulder of the concept.

All Star Game concepts (by Brian B.)I might be in the minority by preferring the All Star jerseys to not be so "crazy". That's why I really like this set from Brian! The only thing I would do different is to use the current blue vs red format instead of using Senators colours.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Elias)Pretty good execution here, except I think the Reebok logo should be white. This concept does seem to need a little more character though. Perhaps some shoulder patches or using the current Kings font would help?

Team Spain concept (by Luis)The IIHF ranks Spain 29/48. Their current sweaters could easily be confused with the German's sweaters from a distance. So this is an upgrade and definitely lets you know that they are Team Spain. Check out the IIHF's page on Spain here.

Tri City Americans concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts.
Minnesota Wild concept (by Kyle C.)Again, those Bruins style yokes look good on any team and the Wild are not exception. I wouldn't say this is an upgrade to any of their current sweaters, but it does look good. It's also really well executed besides one small note. The vertical stitching on the front and back of the jerseys would end at the top of the hem stripes.
Last Day for Last COTW Vote of 2011 Reviewed by Ryan on January 05, 2012 Rating: 5


Avi said...

@ryan: i love the number style that you used for your blackhawks concept! i may have to make a concept just based around that feature haha.

i think a second round of this competition would be great!

Anonymous said...

@ Ryan : Nice Hawks jerseys, but I'd change two things: the shade of red should be a bit darker, so it doesn't make an "eye killer contrast" with black; also, the outlines on the numbers are too thick, they make the TV numbers hard to read. The white outline should be half the thickness of the black number and the red outline should in turn be half the thickness of the white one (a quarter of the black number).

Oh, and nice recoloration of the Indian head: I clearly prefer modifying actual logos to match the style of an old one instead of using the old one.

Andrew B. said...

Nice Blackhawks jersey!
(It's also my birthday!)

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