Last Day for COTW & 4th Quarter Votes!!!

Committee Members, today is the last day for the following votes. We need your vote if you have yet to vote!
4th Quarter Vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Jan 9-15 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

Assuming that there are no ties, the Concept of the Year Semi-Final votes will begin tomorrow!

There are some 3rd Jersey Competition entries to post, but I can't get to them today because I am at the Leafs game. The Wild are in town, it's always fun to see the Wild live. Love the sweaters!


Dallas Stars concept (by Ricky)
Ricky intended this for the 3rd Jersey Comp Part I, but went in a different direction. At first I saw this and thought despite the stripe across the chest being typical I still liked this jersey. The I realized I like it because it's a Stars green version of the Canadiens' sweater.

Dallas Stars concept (by Tyler)
This is a re-coloured Preds jersey that is BEGGING for shoulder patches and/or TV numbers. By now people should know that if you leave out either of those elements, people probably aren't going to like your concept(s). The only part about this that I do like is the striping on the pants.

Ottawa Senators concept (by Josh)
This is a rush job beyond rush jobs! This has been taken directly from Sportslogos.net, has had the "O" logo removed and it's been replaced with the former 3rd jersey wordmark. Seriously, don't insult me or the readers by sending this in!

Coyotes concept (by Yannick)
Yannick wants to have this concept come to life for his summer hockey league team. For anyone who is interested in having jerseys made/customized for their team check out the following sites. SP Apparel, Athletic Knit, Kobe Sportswear. Try out all of their jersey customizers as well.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Martin)
As I've said before, I don't personally like the Jets in red. The concept does seem to be fairly well executed though. I just think the numbers and NOB need some more life to them and the blue hem under the hem stripes needs to go.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Kyle C.)
I really like the wordmark on the arms and I think the straight lines and angles work great from the striping! The old Thrashers' 3rd jersey collar was also a great choice. Well executed and everything looks really good. COTW nomination from me!

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Steven G.)
I really like what's happening on the arms on these concepts, but I think the hem stripes are sorely missed. Really well executed concepts, but that's always the case with Steven.

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Kevin)
I was never a fan of the Sabres being red and black although the re-coloured Ducks jersey does seem to fit that logo well. I think the logo on the pants is also way too big. Execution note, the player numbers would be stitched over top of the tie-down.

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Brian B.)
This is a cool version of this sweater. I really like the effort that Brian put into the numbers. I think the yellow stripes may get lost in the vintage white sweater. Perhaps making the jersey stripes thicker would help that?

Team Canada concept (by Scott M.)
Scott has fired Nike as manufacturer of Team Canada's sweater and hired Reebok. I like how Scott has taken a simple jersey and then just added a maple leaf, but it looks like something that's really unique! It's like he's scaled back the stripes because he knew the leaf was going to be so present. Execution note; the maple leaf should probably go over top of the jersey stitching, like your stripes do.
Last Day for COTW & 4th Quarter Votes!!! Reviewed by Ryan on January 19, 2012 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

@ Yannick : boy do I love the Coyote logo you used! Is there a way to obtain it at a bigger size to play with it on concepts?

Brandon C. said...

Kyle C's Jets concepts for COTW!

cody said...

@stephane here is a link to the logo. its from the sm-liiga! http://sportslogos.net/logo.php?id=6gevfhieogahulqf7emq2u1zp
not sure if its bigg eboug for you but its works fine for me!

spirit104 said...

scott for cotw!

Andrew said...

Ryan, do all concepts have to have TV numbers? Why can't they be unique?

Connor Hanley said...

@Tyler, If there is a lack of TV numbers, then it would be damn near impossible for sports commentators to make out each player.

Connor Hanley said...

@Andrew, Why the fuck did I think your name was Tyler? Sorry about that.

Ryan said...

Josh thinks my comments about his "concept" are out of line. I'm truly interested if you guys agree or disagree with him.

Steven Grant said...

@Ryan, I was suprised when I read it how tough you were on him, but I don't think it was out of line. His concept was extremely lazy.

@Cody, that is not the same logo, not even close. Look at the two side by side.

Also, i'll second scott for cotw. I'm suprised at how good that maple Leaf looks.

Anonymous said...

@ Ryan: I totally agree with you about your comments on Josh's...work? There is absolutely no concept there, no technical work, nothing. Why was it posted?

@ Cody: Thanks, but I retraced the logo in vector format... I already sent a corrected version of Yannick's concept to Ryan - don't get me wrong, it was fine, but it's always fun to share and get things further!

Josh said...

I mean if you didn't say insulting then I would be fine. I'm just upset that you called work insulting. Theres nothing insulting about it. Its a normal logo. Not insulting. How is changing a logo different than changing the colors. You haven't called the concepts that just change the colors "insulting." That is what im a little upset about.

Kyle C. said...


It's insulting because you put little work into your concepts. People put time and effort into their concepts, not just throw a logo on an already designed jersey. Also, Ryan can say what he wants about your concepts, it's his blog. I don't whine when I send in concepts that he doesn't like. Move on and make better concepts.

Ryan said...

Spending the weekend at the AHL Outdoor Classic. COTW winners have been determined but look for results to be posted on Sunday.

cody said...

realized my mistake there. i thought he had recoloured that one and changed the angle a bit. my bad!

Yannick Fortier said...

@ Stéphane Sinotte : You can look on Google, Richmond Hill Coyotes. Looks like its some sort of high school hockey club.

Yannick Fortier said...

Also, can't wait to see your new version of my concept!

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