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Assuming there are no ties, the 2011 Concept of the Year Final will begin tomorrow! With that being said, I must remind you to vote for the COTY Semi-Finals before 11:59pm EST tonight if you have not done so already. Here's those voting reminders.
COTY Semi-Finals (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
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I can't let today go by without wishing Wayne Gretzky a happy birthday. I also used today to visit his website and was reminded of possibly one of the coolest hockey experiences ever. Wayne Gretzky Fantasy Camp! If you have $12,000 you can skate with Wayne and some of his former NHL'er friends. The camp is held in Vegas and you stay at the Bellagio! If you have the money laying around and want more info on the camp (which begins in a couple of weeks) click this link.

Regular contributor and Columbus Blue Jackets fan Avi, wanted me to get this word out. There will be a protest by fans outside of the arena on Saturday at 2pm. Fans attending are unhappy with how ownership has been running the team, especially since the jobs of Club President Mike Priest and GM Scott Howson were labeled "safe" during a league worst 13-30-6 record at the All-Star break. Other Jackets fans are encouraged to join in and check out this article.


Jersey Collection (Jeff B.)
I always like seeing people's jersey collections! Jeff resides in Italy and sent in a pic of his jersey collection. The newest addition is the retro Canucks sweater. I also have to note what great condition it looks like he's kept that Penguins jersey in. Is that a bunny in the top left corner?

HJC concept (by Josh)
How great would it be to be able to sell affordable HJC hockey jerseys? I'm always on the lookout. I don't know if it would have as many stripes as this one, but this is on the right track. I wouldn't include the NHL logos though, but it would be nice to have it made by Reebok.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Sam O.)
I like the yoke and hem stripes a lot. I wish the arm stripes matched though. Maybe even do away with the arm stripes and go with cuffs that use the striping pattern? Overall, still a good concept.

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Chris Z.)
I would think if the Nordiques were to still be around and use this logo, that this would be close to what they may look like. I actually like the road white jersey the best. I also think that the retro Nordiques sweater is made for the Edge cut jersey! My one note would be that the logo looks squished on the jersey.

Winter Classic concepts (by Brendan A.)
Buffalo has been the only home team in a Classic to wear white. Brendan's concepts would make Detroit the second. First, the vertical stitching needs fixing as it should not appear over top of the jersey stripes. I like how Brendan has gone with no NOB. I think that goes great with the heritage theme of the Classic. I just think NBC wouldn't allow it, as they do try to use the game to bring in new fans.

Winter Classic concepts (by Justin)
This would be a great looking game! I wonder if Toronto would be worried about a simple reverse of their 3rd jersey selling well. I like both of these concepts, but I think the "DETROIT" should be more bold. Also, the stripes are over top of the stitching on the Wings sweater, but why not on the Leafs sweater?

Manchester Monarchs concepts (by Kyle C.)
Kyle wanted to make sweaters for the Monarchs that looked more like the one's their parent club wears. I'd say he was spot on here. No complaints, great execution, really well done concepts!

Barrie Colts concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts

New Jersey Devil Knights concept (by Ross)
This is the only concept in Ross' mash-up series that I haven't liked. The arm stripes are okay, but the rest of the sweater is a little boring. The logo mash-up, while it is well executed, just seems forced. All I see is the horse head on a tip of the Devils' logo.

Florida Panthers concepts (by Fredrik)
I think these are great Panthers jerseys! The red sweater looks complete and not just thrown together, as the current one looks now. The white jersey looks clean and awesome. Perhaps something around the hem would improve this a touch, but that may also ruin it. Great stuff here either way and a COTW nomination from me!
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stlsnake1985 said...

Which logo appears squished? The throwback?

Ryan said...

on the home and road

stlsnake1985 said...

Oh OK. Yeah, I knda thought it turned out a little bit wider than it should but as you know, it's difficult to resize stuff accurately in Paint. I didn't think of correcting this one however because I thought that it was less noticeable and the wider shape actually filled out the front of the jersey OK.

T said...

Kevin's Colts concept for COTW

Ryan said...

I don't know how to do it, but I saw someone mention that a good way to resize logos for use with Paint is to do it in Microsoft Word. Then copy it and paste, I guess?

Samwise Grungee said...

@stlsnake1985 and Ryan:

When I had used an application like MS Paint a while ago, I used to put into a word processing document and resize it there, then copy and paste. So, yeah, you were pretty much spot on Ryan. It works good enough, it just takes a little more time.

stlsnake1985 said...

OK thanks Sam! I'll give that a try next time!

Avi said...

2 things:

1) thanks for posting that ryan

2) i think the next competition should be design an HJC uniform

Anonymous said...

Holding the SHIFT button and dragging the corners inwards locks the proportions. This technique also works for drawing perfect circles and squares and for making straight lines at the same angles.

Alan John Herbert said...

Kyle C concept for COTW!

Jeff Beckett said...

Thanks Ryan for sharing my jersey collection! :)
The Penguins one is the first NHL jersey I've ever bought: summer 1997, New York City. I'm a Canucks fan, but I purchased a Penguins sweater simply because that one was IMHO the most beautiful NHL jersey at that time; as well, Jaromír Jágr is my second favorite player ever (behind Pavel Bure).

And yes, in the top left corner you can see our little 3-year-old bunny, who sneaked into the picture just a few moments before it was taken :D

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