COTW Winner - On To COTW-December

The final winner of COTW 2011 is Glen with his Jokerit concept! You can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the winning entry. The results of the vote are below.

Glen - 4
Ross (MIN) - 3
Connor - 2
Ross (CLF) - 2
Brandon C. - 1

Glen's concept now moves on to the COTW-December vote. That starts RIGHT NOW and ends on Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. Entrants are listed on the side of the page and you can see the concepts by clicking on that banner or going to the 2011 COTY tab.

Four of the new sweaters I ordered came in yesterday! Still waiting on Shop.NHL.com (13 days after placing the order).I'm really happy to finally have the Bruins Winter Classic jersey in my collection. The North Stars sweater looks even better in person, I can't wait to wear that around and get some comments. The Jets jersey really is a nice jersey. Finally, the Kings jersey is cool, but without numbers on it, it's very plain. I might want to customize that sometime soon.

Here are SOME entries that have come in for the 3rd jersey competition...

3rd Jersey Entry (by Brian B.)3rd Jersey Entry (by Chris B.)3rd Jersey Entry (by Elias)3rd Jersey Entry (by Glen)3rd Jersey Entry (by Jérémi)3rd Jersey Entry (by Justin)3rd Jersey Entry (by Torin)

If you have yet to enter, you have until 11:59pm EST on Sunday to email your entry in.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Jeremy T.)I think it's a nice jersey, but I also think it's better suited for the farm team, the Marlies. I also think that the TV number should have the same outline as the number on the back.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Josh)The idea isn't too bad, but it seems like these thick black bolts come out of nowhere. The rest of the sweater seems to stick to the blue and white theme and then there are these black bolts. The primary crest really could have used a white outline around it instead of these loose pixels.

San Jose Sharks concept (by MasonII)Really good looking concept here, I just wonder if the numbers on the back should be white? With this cut of Edge jersey some may wonder why the Sharks didn't carry over their old look. Apparently, they planned to use the jersey they wear now they year before the Edge jerseys were released. When they heard that the league was going Edge they held off releasing the uniforms for a year.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Elias)Pretty good red Jets concept, and you've nicely used Brian B.'s "mash-up" logo as a shoulder patch. However, the other halves of the shoulder patches should also appear on the back of the concept. I also think that using white instead of grey on the arms and hem would make this look a little better.

Ottawa Senators concept (by MasonII)Really nice concept here by Mason and it's well executed! What if you removed the yokes and black cuffs and made those spaces red? It might look even better, or I could be wrong.

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Brian B.)Brian uses his Sens "mash-up" logo, from a week or so ago, and applies it to retro Sens jerseys. These look good, better than what they have now. My only thought is that the shoulder patches should be smaller, such as they were on the original jerseys.

Swift Current Broncos concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts.
Florida Panthers concepts (by Brandon C.)This is pretty much and Edge'd red jersey. However, the white road is new and I like it. Perhaps a touch of blue is needed in the sweater? Blue numbers could look good. COTW nom from me!
COTW Winner - On To COTW-December Reviewed by Ryan on January 06, 2012 Rating: 5


Avi said...

ryan: are the jets and kings jerseys made of the edge 2.0 fabric? or just the regular material?

Ryan said...

@Avi: I think the Edge 2.0 is only for authentics. However, the jerseys do seem a touch bigger than others.

Justin said...

They're all pretty good looking jerseys and I've always liked the Bruins WC. Nice grabs! I'm not an islanders fan But I wish I would've ordered one of those $13 jerseys. Although shop.nhl.com doesn't seem to be pulling through too well on that one!

Anonymous said...

Did a collapsing steal beam from Nassau Collesium hot the designer of the Islanders third in the head before he released them. The more I look at them the more I hate them.


Kyle C. said...

I second Brandon C. for COTW!

Josh said...

is there going to be a post today?

Ryan said...

Maybe. We will see if I have time.

Josh said...

are you leaning towards yes or no?

Ryan said...

Leaf game on tonight. Don't expect a post before 11

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