COTW & COTY-December Winners!

Two important votes wrapped up last night.

The winner of COTW Jan 2-8 is Brandon C. (obviously) with his Dallas Stars concept! You can see the winning concept on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page! The results of that vote are below.
Brandon C (DAL) - 7
Brandon C (FLA) - 4

Also, the COTY-December vote ended last night. The winner and moving onto the 4th Quarter Vote is Glen with his Jokerit concept! You can see the winning entry on the 2011 COTY page. Results of the vote are below.
Glen - 6
Avi - 4
Kevin - 3
Brandon C. - 1
Brandon S. - 1

 Now we inch closer to determining out Concept of the Year. It's now time for the 4th Quarter Vote!
Entrants are listed on the side of the page and you can see those concepts by clicking that banner or going to the 2011 COTY page. The 4th Quarter Vote ends on Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. The winner of the 4th Quarter Vote moves on to the semi-final vote, which begins a week from today!

Here's a rundown of the ongoing votes...
3rd Jersey Top 5 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)
4th Quarter Vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

A lot of reports here in Toronto and in the Detroit area say that next year's Winter Classic is all but confirmed. It's going to be held at Michigan Stadium, the Big House, and the Red Wings will host the Maple Leafs! Of course none of this will be confirmed until the summer.

As most of you know, shop.NHL.com seems to have made a mistake on December 24 and were selling Islanders replica sweaters for $12.97. It took about 24 hours for them to remove that price, but not without damages. John T., a HJC contributor, ordered 16 to outfit his hockey team with (great idea!). At first they told John that the sweaters were on back-order. Then just the other day they told him that they were shipping the first eight jerseys. Later he got another email saying that they could not complete his order, sorry for the inconvenience, and that the remaining 8 jerseys from his order had been cancelled! What, did they run out of Islanders jerseys?!?!?! It's my opinion that this is not how business should be done and is just another reason why I would NEVER order from shop.NHL.com again!


Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Martin)
Martin re-colours an old Sens 3rd jerseys to black and gold. Which would explain the loose red pixels around the collar laces. He then adds a logo he got from a logo site. I think the numbers could use and outline. I understand if the idea of the concept is to use black and gold only, so maybe the numbers could have a gold outline and then a black outline?

Northwest Territories concept (by Jérémi H.)
Jérémi created this concept with the thought of a provincial hockey tournament in Canada. The jersey design is really cool and fits well with the Northwest Territories!

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by John T.)
As you know, I'm not a fan of coloured hemlines, but I think it works well on this concept. The concept itself is pretty good and well executed. I would only use a thicker white outline around the logo on the white sweater.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
Jets96 has Edge-ified the original Lightning sweaters and their mid-90's 3rd jersey. He's also added numbers on the front of the sweater, but they should go on the other side. The captains' letters go on that side. Nicely done and pretty well executed.

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Steven G.)
I guess these are kind of like the "black ice" jerseys out now, except these are cold steel and blue. They look good, but I guess I just can't picture the Sabres using them because I associate the blue and gold with Buffalo. Very well executed though!

Boston Bruins concepts (by Tyler C.)
Tyler hasn't changed the home and road sweaters, but he did add stripes to the pants. He's also come up with a new yellow 3rd sweater, complete with re-coloured logo. I think that the white stripe should fill in the entire area between the black stripes so it can be just as prevalent as the white stripe at the collar. Well executed Tyler.

Boston Bruins concepts (by Bobby P.)
Bobby has created a vintage mash-up concept based on the jersey of the late 1920's. He's provided both true white and vintage white versions. I think I like the vintage white the best. I would make the NOB brown instead of yellow so that fans and TV cameras can see the font.

New York Rangers concepts (by Roger)
Here are a few Rangers jerseys that are very well executed. I'm not a big supporter of the arched script with number jersey becoming the home, but I do like the Edge-ification of Lady Liberty! Roger has also used NEW YORK across the road sweater, which is a move that I would actually like the see the Rangers do. Everything also looks great in the darker blue from the current 3rd jersey.

Minnesota Wild concept (by MasonII)
I know this is a re-coloured Canadiens sweater, but something about it in the Wild's colours makes it look pretty good. Not to mention the execution is awesome! This would be fantastic as any kind of specialty game jersey. COTW nomination from me!
COTW & COTY-December Winners! Reviewed by Ryan on January 13, 2012 Rating: 5


Tex said...

Hosting a WC in Michiscum Stadium, too bad they don't have Wings-Jackets, a Ohio Michigan game would be cool

cody said...

Jets96 for cotw! wow! those are perfect for the bolts. and if it does happen to be detroit-tornto im going to try and go. i would love to see a winnipeg-vancouver heritage classic next year.

T said...

I nominate roger for COTW

Brandon C said...

Why does the NHL find it an impossible idea to put west coast teams in the Winter Classic? Yes I know San Jose, Dallas, Los Angeles, Etc. aren't 'wintery' teams, but Colorado? That could work.

Justin said...

@Brandon C - I know. I'm sick of seeing the same teams in the winter classic every year. I'm sure next year will be Washington vs Pittsburgh again (aka Sid vs Ovie). Living in Colorado, not only I, but every hockey fan here wants the winter classic here. But I'm not really expecting it from the NHL.

Josh said...

I take it that thr isnt going to be a post today. And o yeah, 3-0 Rangers! LEGGO RANGERS!

Anonymous said...

they only put the same teams in the winter classic every year because that's who most people want to see so it will sell more tickets

Alan John Herbert said...

I can see a winter classic at the "Big House" but 2 problems the 1st they don't serves boozes, and 2nd there seats are benches and it's tight to sit with other people at a normal Michigan Football game there are some moments I can't even breath. so other then that it's nice to see that happen if not Comerica Park is the Best bet for the Winter Classic.

Matt Marczel said...

Just a small note to MasonII regarding his Wild concept. You don't need to credit me for the gear. You customized the colours therefore it's your work.

@Brandon C - I completely agree with you, Colorado would be a good WC host team and location, also I'd add Minnesota and St Louis to the list. But definatley not San Jose, LA, Phoenix, Dallas or any of the other sunbelt teams in the league. Even Vancouver wouldn't be cold enough to host an outdoor classic of any kind. I live in Van, and the temp barely ever dips below zero here, may be a hand full of days per year at the most with the temp below zero. Anyway, I would love to see Minnesota, St Louis, or Colorado host a WC one of these years.

Anonymous said...

John T. for COTW ! Love that concept!

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