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It finally arrived yesterday. I ordered a New York Islanders road sweater from Shop.NHL.com on the evening of December 24. Why? Because someone screwed up and Islanders replica sweaters were being sold for $12.97! Otherwise, an Islanders jersey would probably never hang in my closet. One of the best parts about the jersey is that it has the new Reebok wordmark under the back collar instead of the logo used the last 4 years. How come it takes Shop.NHL.com 7-10 business days to ship, but I can get a cheaper (and real) jersey from Sportsk.com delivered to my house in a week? Despite getting this jersey for 90% off, I don't see myself ordering from Shop.NHL.com again...unless another sweater is 90% off.

 I was scanning through the pics from the AHL Outdoor Classic from January 6th and they had the images to the right posted. I found something rather interesting about these jerseys. They are manufactured by SP Apparel and it seems as though they have to place Reebok logos on the jerseys and make it appear as though Reebok produced the sweaters! SP seems to make most of the "specialty" sweaters in the AHL, but I guess they have to place the Reebok logos on them. I wonder how they feel about that? SP used to be the manufacturer of all AHL jerseys up until the Edge-ification of the league in 2007.

Frequent contributor, Stéphane has started his own blog which begins the search for a new and acceptable 3rd jersey for the Montreal Canadiens. You can check out his bilingual blog HERE.


Florida Panthers concept (by Thomas) 
First I have to note that this is a pretty well executed concept. For my tastes there is too much yellow and not enough blue. The TV numbers are wrong as they are 8's instead of 9's. Also, the blue on the jersey is not the same shade as what is used on the logo.

Chicago Bulls concepts (by Brady)
Brady took the team that shares the United Center with the Hawks and applied their logo the the Hawks' sweaters. I think the Bulls should stick to basketball.

Charlotte Checkers concepts (by Torin)
 Torin uses the Checkers' ECHL colours, but he has applied them assuming that they remain the farm club of the Hurricanes. He even has used the Whalers' striping as inspiration for the 3rd jersey. Nice job Torin, I think I'd actually like to see this on the ice.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
Jets96 has a couple of ideas for the Penguins sweaters, none of which include the Reebok "cookie cutter" jersey. They both use the same jersey striping, but one uses black and vegas gold and the other uses the two vintage blues. After seeing the AHL Penguins wear the throwbacks in vegas gold, I am now fully in favour of the Penguins adopting that look full-time!

Nashville Predators concepts (by Kyle C.)
These are good looking jerseys, but that`s also because they seem to be re-coloured Islanders jerseys with Predators marks applied. Execution note; there are loose blue pixels around the logo on the white jersey. I can tell Kyle made the blue concept first and then re-coloured it to make the white one.

Phoenix Coyotes concept (by MasonII)
 Here`s a great classic looking jersey for the Coyotes. Just solid work here. Again, this is one of those striping patterns that seems to work for every team.

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Dan C.)
Dan goes all the way with the new 3rd and makes a matching road sweater. He's also created a new red version which would be used as the 3rd. I like the alteration to the logo on the third jersey and the use of Buffalo's stitched numbers works REALLY well on these. I also really like that the stitching on the namebar is prevalent.

Victoria Royals concepts (by Kevin) Description of concepts.

Team Russia concepts (by Fredrik)
This is a beautiful recreation of the Soviet's 1970's sweaters! Fredrik has also used the Reebok template here instead of Nike. Sweden switched, will other countries follow?

NHA concepts (by Danny D.)
Danny has Edge-ified all of the old NHA sweaters! This really looks awesome. I feel like I want to print this off, frame it, and place it in my "man cave". My favourite has to be the Cobalt Silver Kings sweater. You can really tell that Danny put effort into this and thus a COTW nomination from me!
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Alan John Herbert said...

Danny D got my COTW vote.

cody said...

same here

DCamp said...

Great work Danny D. Do you work with Vector templates? I like the shading and modelling on the template.

Anonymous said...

Jets96 gets my vote for COTW! I'd love to see that Gold & Black Pens jersey on ice!

Tex said...

Man, that solid vegas gold jersey looks like, not something i like. the rest is very good though.

Dylan said...

I love Kevin's royals concepts. Since there my home team. I'll give COTW

dannyduke said...

I use Photoshop...

Hockey Week said...

I know this is from a while ago, but this is the first I've looked through it. That Senators' third jersey logo (By Dan C.) is my logo and has not even been attributed.

The logo, as it was originally posted, can be seen here:
Posted June 15, 2010. You can imagine my surprise when I saw that logo again.

It's not the end of the world, but at least having a "logo by Hockey Week" beneath it would certainly be nice.

Thanks, and keep up the good blog,
Hockey Week in Review

Ryan said...

@HockeyWeek: Sorry I missed that when this was posted. I try my best to catch those things, but it can be hard.

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