3rd Jersey Entries #1

Here are some of the entries that have come in for the 3rd Jersey Competition Part II...
3rd Jersey Entry (by B&I Design)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Jeremy T.)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Justin)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Kyle C.)
3rd Jersey Entry (by Martin)

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Team Yukon concept (by Jérémi H.)
I could like the colours used, but I think the main colours is a little too pink. If it were more on the maroon side, this could be pretty good. Again, TV numbers and/or shoulder patches are needed to make this look complete.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Martin)
The Pittsburgh Shamrocks had pretty cool looking jerseys. These unfortunately just look like a mish-mash of Irish colours. The pants and socks also look terribly pixelated. I think this would be better described as "Irish inspired".

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Tyler)
Tyler has used my Heritage Classic concept, which is based on the Edmonton Eskimos of the old WCHL, and has applied the Oilers' orange as opposed to white. He has also made the sash stripe come around on the back.

Winter Classic concepts (by Shaun)
It appears as if these reports of a Toronto-Detroit 2013 Winter Classic are very accurate. We could get confirmation of this as early as All Star Weekend. Shaun has used direct throwbacks for his concepts. He's used the 1927 Detroit Cougars sweater and the 1917 Toronto Arenas uniform, including beige pants! I'd just make the helmet blue.

Winter Classic concepts (by Justin)
Justin wants to place the 2013 Classic in Denver and have the Avalanche play the Wild. I really like the event logo he has created and I think the Avalanche fauxback jersey looks really sharp. The Wild jersey look ok, but I think it would look even better if the green were darker. Perhaps the same green that was used on the original green jersey?

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Bobby P.)
Yesterday I posted home and road Jets concepts by Bobby. Today we get the accompanying 3rds. I really like the grey sweater as my desire to see one in the NHL has not wavered. The red jersey is ok, but I personally never think of the Jets wearing red. Well executed concept though!

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Brian B.)
I love this! Brian has used his mash-up logo that was posted a week or so ago and a jersey template that seems "inspired" by the current home and roads. The colours look really good on this jersey and I really like the Brian made a road white concept instead of a home colour. Most people just naturally make a home coloured jersey, which is cool too.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Tex)
Tex had a black version of this jersey posted several days ago. Now he has supplied us with the white pre-Edge then Edge'd sweater.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Kevin)
Wow, a lot of orange here. This is well executed, but it just doesn't work for me. The thick white stripe at the hem just doesn't seem to fit with the white trim around the arms. I'm thinking if the white and orange switched places I might warm up to this, but that's just my opinion. I'm sure some of you guys will like this.

Montreal Canadiens concepts (by Stéphane)
Remember the Vintage Jersey Program that the NHL had in the mid 2000's? Stéphane has a similar idea, but wants to call it the Historical Jersey Program. He's provided the info in his own words on the concept and because of his awesome Edge-ification of the old sweaters, I give this a COTW nom!

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Avi)
Avi started with the concept on the top. He then posted it to CCSLC and got some feedback. It eventually formed itself into the concept on the bottom. I love that bottom concept! If the Avs brought that jersey out that would be an awesome re-design! Avi has executed these really well also.

I just wanted to get this post up. I will now go prepare the full 3rd Jersey Comp Part 1 results. When I have those ready I will post them here as an edit.

Here are the full results to the 3rd Jersey Comp Part 1
3rd Jersey Entries #1 Reviewed by Ryan on January 17, 2012 Rating: 5


Glen Cuthbert said...

Justin Cox should credit the Penn State Nittany Lions for the logo in his third jersey concept.

Ryan said...

@Glen: It's kind of already an established logo. He's obviously added the teeth. I'd be more worried if it were a concept logo by someone else and then he added teeth. I altered the Hawks logo for Part I and I didn't cite Sportslogos.net on my image.

Anonymous said...

Grey may look good as a concept but as someone who's team plays in grey jerseys they are awful. Players just blend in and it is tough to see them out of the corner of your eye.

Anonymous said...

Avi's Avalanche for COTW !

Ryan said...

@Anonymous: Take a look at the link to the COTW rules at the very top of the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page.

Kris said...

Avi's killer Avs jersey for COTW!

Colin said...

Brian B.'s jets jersey, although being a solid uni, brings up my biggest pet peeve with the RBK Edge jerseys. the trapezoid on the back of the neck where the RBK logo goes. It makes no sense to me why the sleeve stripes are not continued through this area. Although I do think Brian's jersey would look better if the stripes from the sleeves were continued all the way across the jersey, this is not a critique, just me expressing long pent up confusion with the Edge jersey system.

Connor Hanley said...

I second Avi's Avs for COTW

Tex said...

third Avis awesome Avs jersey

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