DHL Champion!

Over a month of competition and we finally have our DHL Champion. Steven G's Brooklyn Americans concepts went up against HJC's Toronto Blueshirts concepts in the DHL Final. Committee Members have cast their votes and the final score is 5-2 for the Toronto Blueshirts!Wow, I won! Thank you to everyone who voted for me and thank you to everyone who participated in the DHL competition!

There are still votes ongoing here at HJC...

COTW Dec 12-18 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
Battle of the Legends (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Josh)Josh places the B-sword logo on an Edge'd retro jersey. However, just like yesterday there are no TV numbers and the yellow jersey stripes are a different shade of yellow than what is used on the logo.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Thomas)I like the stripes on the arms and if there were matching stripes at the hem this would be a pretty cool jersey. Some execution notes, there are un-coloured pixels just under the back collar. Also, the right cuff is grey and the number on the back of the jersey seems a little too small.

Winnipeg Jets logo mash-up (by Brian B.)This is a mash-up of the current Jets and the original WHA Jets logo. Pretty nice mash-up and I wouldn't mind seeing this on the shoulders of a retro 3rd jersey next season.

St. Louis Blues concepts (by Chris Z.)Chris has sent this concept in months ago, but he has refined his skills and cleaned them up a bit. However, there are still a lack of TV numbers because Chris uses MS Paint and a non-Paint template. An execution note, the vertical stitching going to the hem would end at the hem stripes.

St. Louis Blues concepts (by Kyle C.)I think these are really cool! The navy blue looks great as the only blue. My suggestion would be to remove the lighter blue as an outline on the logo. Perhaps replace it with white? COTW nomination from me though!

Toronto Marlies concepts (by Kris)The Leafs' farm team has kept the original Edge Leafs unis. Kris updates them to match the current sweaters, with a few tweaks of light blue. The white version of the Leafs' 3rd jersey is a nice touch as well. I like these jerseys, but I also like the idea that the players on the Marlies have to "earn their stripes" in a sense.

Tennessee Volunteers concepts (by Alan)I don't pretend to know or follow anything about college hockey, so maybe some American readers can give some informed feedback on these concepts. All I can speak to, is that I like the use of the Preds' checkerboard pattern. It seemed popular enough with the Nashville fans to work for the school's unis.

Lethbride Hurricanes concepts (by Kevin) Description included in the concepts
DHL Champion! Reviewed by Ryan on December 21, 2011 Rating: 5


cody said...

today is my birthday ryan! for that i would have loved to nominate one of your concepts for COTW but you didn'tpost one today. so im noming brian b. loved that logo from the 1st time i saw over at the boards and i still do.

Tommy Gentz said...

Alans Tennesse is some prefect school pride with the cheakers! I feel like the third should be mostly black. there are some black thirds for the football team. Would have also like to have seen some NCAA and confrence patches, but that is a minor detail. Still give the COTW for an original college concept

Scott Markiewicz said...

the checkerboard pattern on the Tennessee Vols jerseys was probably inspired by what the football team has painted in the endzones at home games.

Tommy Gentz said...

the checks are also on the basketball court. Its a big patter with the Volunteers and would match well in a Hockey jersey, but not so much in basketball or football.

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