COTY-Sept Winner, Move On To 3rd-Q Vote!

It came down to the wire last night, but the vote that came in just after 10:00pm EST won it for Matt D. and his Phoenix Coyotes concepts!
The results of the vote are below...

Matt D. - 4
Kevin - 3
Jose - 2
Brandon S. - 1
Brian D. - 0

With the win Matt's concepts move right into the 3rd Quarter Vote! You can see all 3 of the concepts that are in the vote by clicking the gold banner on the left. This vote will run until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

Speaking of voting, it was great to see all of the votes that came in yesterday! Also, today is the last day to vote for COTW. It's a very tight race right now, so if you haven't voted yet be sure to do so before 11:59pm EST.

Yesterday, I gave a clue about next week's competition. It will involve a Winter Classic in Minnesota!


Los Angeles Kings concept (by Cody)
Detroit Red Wings concepts (by Jacob)

Penn State concept (by anonymous)I'm not posting who created this concept because I don't want it to come across as picking on this person. This is a broad message for everyone including myself. If I hold you guys to these standards I not only must meet them, but exceed them! I get really disappointed when a concept like this is sent in. It is TERRIBLY incomplete! We've all seen the work people do on this site and we know that we all have the capability to make COMPLETE concepts. If you don't feel like finishing a concept then put it aside for a while and come back to it in a few days/hours/weeks. When it is complete then send it in. Just so everyone knows what I am talking about, take a look at the collar on the back and front. Obviously someone didn't take the time to fill out both sides. Also, I've been saying this for a couple of months now, but why are there no TV numbers (numbers on the sleeve) or shoulder patches? I know some teams don't wear shoulder patches so that's not a huge deal. It's also almost inexcusable to not have numbers on the back. Numbers have been on the back of hockey sweaters for nearly 100 years, there's no reason they shouldn't be on there. Too lazy to put them on there? Then just send in the front of the jersey. These are things ALL OF US need to focus on to make better concepts, and that's what HJC is about.

New York Rangers concept (by David B.)This is a Winter Classic concept by David. I like the idea of a wheat jersey being acknowledged as the "white" road jersey in the Winter Classic, but only in the Winter Classic. The same goes for no NOB (Name On Back). I also like how David has used the faded blue shade to fit the vintage theme.

New York Rangers concept (by Roger)Roger takes a different approach for his Winter Classic concept. He goes with the 1946-47 look, but he uses the navy blue shade. He also places the retro logo on the shoulders. I know MS Paint doesn't allow for 45 degree tilting of images, so I like what Roger has done here. He's rotated them 90 degrees and has placed them higher on the jersey.

Dallas Stars concept (by Brian B.)Brian has used the Jets template to create this North Stars inspired 3rd jersey for the Dallas Stars. I know I like to keep the North Stars and Dallas Stars separate, but now that I think about it I'd be okay with Dallas using this shade of green for their alternate. It wouldn't be using the North Stars identity, just a simple nod to the past by using their colour.

New York Islanders concept (by Roger)A couple of days ago we got our 2nd leak of the Islanders' 3rd jersey. Again a concept has come in that uses the same ideas, but is 10x better than what we will actually get!

New York Islanders concept (by Brandon S.)I really like the mash-up logo that Brandon did up. However, the one thing that I think take away from this concept is the white yoke outline.

Remember to vote. Today is the last day for COTW! (Also vote for the 3rd Quarert Vote)
COTY-Sept Winner, Move On To 3rd-Q Vote! Reviewed by Ryan on October 14, 2011 Rating: 5


BlueAndWhiteForever said...

@Ryan Brandon took that Islanders logo mash up from me. He didn't give me credit, which is dissapointing. If you could make an update to the post explaning that, I would really appriciate it.

Ryan said...

@Blue&White: I'm all for giving credit where it's due. I have seen mash-ups similar to this one many times before, but I am willing to listen to you. Can you direct me to a link as to where he took it from?

Brandon said...

I took one logo from sportslogos.net and pasted onto another one. If you were the very first person to do this, then credit to you. Otherwise, credit to sportslogos.net

Anonymous said...

I partially agree with BlueAndWhitForever and partially with brandon. I do believe that it should be mentioned, in this case, "inspired by", IF Brandon knew that this particular logo collage been done before AND by whom. Otherwise, there is so many people doing that kind of montage that it is almost impossible to know who did it first. When speaking of credits though, thé two logos used for Brandon's concept still belong to thé Islanders, and no one else should havé credit on those. A collage of existing and copyrighted elements cannot bring credit to anyone, that's à basic rule of marketing and graphic design.

Anonymous said...

For the Minnesota WC comp, I need the numbers from the 1991 jerseys, can someone find them for me?

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