2011-12 Predictions, Some AHL Concepts & More!

With the season getting started tomorrow I thought I would post my conference standings predictions. Division winners are ranked 1-2-3.

1. WSH
2. BOS
3. PHI
4. BUF
5. TB
6. PIT
7. NYR
8. CAR
9. MTL
10. NJ
11. WPG
12. TOR
13. NYI
14. FLA
15. OTT

1. SJ
2. DET
3. VAN
4. LA
5. CHI
6. ANA
7. NSH
8. CLM
9. PHX
10. MIN
11. COL
12. STL
13. CGY
14. EDM
15. DAL

Of course, 4-5-6 in both conferences are so tight that they could go either way. In the playoffs, I pick Pittsburgh to come out of the East and Chicago to come out of the West. As I said in the WEEKLY POLL discussion, I think Pittsburgh will win the Cup.

Another reminder to Committee Members to vote for COTW. It's already Wednesday and only 3 people have voted!

I also want to let everyone know that if you want something noted about a specific concept, it's okay to submit a small write-up ON the concept. You may want to let people know that your concept is based off of something, so write a couple of sentences on it that way everyone will know. I have a lot of concepts and most of the time it's hard to remember specific things that people want me to say.

Here are the first entries into the SKA St. Petersburg (KHL) ReDesign.

SKA St. Petersburg concepts (by Brendan A.)
SKA St. Petersburg concepts (by Joni)

You have until Sunday to get your entry in.


Hawaii Beaches concepts (by Cody)
Washington Capitals concept (by WinnipegJets96)

Dallas Stars concept (by Mason II)Mason turns the current sweaters green and adds a yoke outline to create this 3rd jersey option. It's good, but I think the yoke outline would get lost in the green. Also I think gold on the collar instead of white would look better. I also don't think the collar laces really fit the Stars' look, that's just me though.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Nevill)Nevill gives us a bit of an old school look with the squared shoulders. I like the striping on the jersey and how he switched the placement of the TV numbers and shoulder patches.

New Haven Nighthawks concepts (by Scott M.)Scott resurrects the Nighthawks and reunites them with their former NHL parent club of 10 years, the Los Angeles Kings. Not only does he match up the jerseys (with the addition of hem stripes on the black sweater) with the Kings, but he also has added a retro 3rd from when the Nighthawks were the farm club of the Islanders. Nice job and I really like the clean and simple presentation!

Norfolk Admirals concepts (by HJC)I think that the Admirals' road jersey is one of the best in the AHL. On the other end, their home sweater is one of those boring Reebok cookie cutter jerseys. I don't want them to change their good sweater, but these are just concepts trying to better match them to their parent club, the Lightning.

Adirondack Phantoms (by Kevin)This is a nice "middle ground" between Reebok template and making a connection to the parent club. I've never been a huge fan of the AHL team's jersey being the EXACT same as the NHL club's sweaters. I think different sweaters give an image that the players have the earn the pro jersey. I'm giving Kevin's concepts a COTW nomination!

Brynas IF [Elitserien] concept (by Jose)This is the current Brynas black sweater. It looks like Jose has taken a couple of elements from past jerseys to create this more consistent and classic jersey. You got to love that design on the yokes that Brynas uses!
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Tex said...

Nevill for COTW.

Anonymous said...

With your Norfolk concept, I saw something very similar to that on Icethetics a few months ago. Though the person only used blue and white. Second Kevin's Phantoms concept for COTW.

Avi said...

thanks for pickin the jackets to squeak into the playoffs lol youre really only the third person ive seen predict them to make it!

Kevin said...

why does everyone put Florida so low on the East? they got 2 lines worth of new forwards and a massive upgrade bringing Jovo and Campbell in on defense is a huge upgrade. I think the Panthers make a playoff push this year.

Scott Markiewicz said...

No COTW nod Ryan?

Tex said...

Avi, I think the Jackets have a better chance this year than they've ever had, if U had ascend team, it'd be them.

cody said...

like i said before the wild or blues will most likeley squeak through in my opinion, but the jackets have a good chnace as well thanks to jeff carter. little did i forget that the jackets are actually good this year.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of the Stars and Penguins concepts here! Great job, fellas! Also, Blue Jackets for the last spot in the West!

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