2019 NHL Heritage Classic Logo

Fridays typically carry a certain level of pleasantness due to the approaching weekend. This past Friday was extra pleasant as us Jersey Nerds were treated to the logo reveal for the 2019 NHL Heritage Classic!

The red Canadian maple leaf that has been present in this event's logo since 2011 returns as the focal point of this year's mark. It is surrounded by a wheat coloured roundel which also features a wheat pattern inside of it. The host city, Regina, is in a Roughrider Green banner and everything lays on top of a Roughrider Green background inside the roundel. Noticably absent in this year's logo is the city-scape of the hosting location.

It appears from another layout that the NHL provided, that the wheat and the Roughrider Green will be featured heavily in the branding for the 2019 event.

The Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets also revealed the logos that they will use for the game.

Calgary and Winnipeg will both use retro logos. This leads to speculation that both teams will simply wear their current retro jerseys, and would that really look that bad? No! In fact, it would look tremendous.

An event logo without the Tim Hortons branding attached has yet to be provided to the public by the NHL, but that's why the donut shop pays all that money.

Give your rating of this logo out of 10! Then tune into the Jersey Nerds Podcast on Tuesday, March 19th to find out how this logo rates. We'll also read some of the comments left in the poll.

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