62 NHL 2019 All Star Game Jerseys Unveiled!

If you thought the 2018 NHL All Star Game had too much colour in it, then you'll be a big fan of the 2019 jerseys, unveiled yesterday.

Photo from NHL.com
All 4 teams are wearing the exact same thing and will be given a black and white jersey. Since the game is in the West, this neat graphic only shows half the jerseys, but for mot of them you can guess what they've look like in the opposite colour. Right away it stands out like a Film Noir sore thumb there's no colour, except for LA, who i wearing their normal colours. This is very similar to what the NBA did for the 2017 All Star Game in LA when the teams wore black and white jerseys with the team of each individual player on the front. The stripes are that heathered pattern we first saw at the World Cup of Hockey for the Team NA U23 and more recently Carolina's alternate. The only colour on the jerseys is on the inside of the collar, where a small splash of teal to rep the host team.

The Nashville Predators were nice enough to give us a look at the back of their black jerseys. The past 3 All Star Games have used unique numbers, but this year it's back to a simple block font, maybe fitting considering how simple the jerseys are.

Those with keen eyes will notice the game patch is also black and white, different from the many colours seen in the actual logo or even the divisional team patches unveiled this past week.

Using the Parlay AIR (which I didn't know stood for Avoid Intercept Redesign) upcycled sea plastic form of fabric that takes plastic out of the ocean and uses it to make fibres, these jerseys will be the first in the NHL to use this new material. While it is more difficult to precisely dye (hence why the previous uses in football kits were monochrome as well) and once turned into this fabric doesn't break down as fast as other fabrics (both synthetic and organic), it is fitting these jerseys with a cause are used for the only marine related team in the NHL.

Photo from NHL.com
Here's a clever graphic explaining the process. I will say it is nice to see the plastic at least according to the image is coming from the Maldives, and areas with a lot more sensitive ecosystems like the mangroves and areas that have more plastics due to lax environmental laws until recently.

Here are some HJC Opinions!

BPoe: "The striping template on these jerseys is good. The lack of any color or really anything else interesting ... not so much"

Sean: "It is worth noting on these ASG jerseys that about half of them look passable, like nothing bad if you get past the lack of colour which you kind of have to. That being said, teams like Vegas, Philly and NYR got hit hard"

TC: "Burn it down. Burn it all down. It’s all just terrible, that Stars white is atrocious"

Justin: "Okay so I don't mind the idea of using the team's primary logo....but THAT'S ABOUT IT. Also EDM's striping looks okay"

Tell us your thoughts below and what chances you'd make to save these or if you like them tell us why! 

The Oilers and Jets are my personal favourites, aside from this one that we sadly did not get to see....

Look for the girl with the broken smile, ask her if she wants to stay a while
If only......
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Burkus Circus Concepts said...

I originally didn’t like them, but they’ve grown on me. I like the idea of using team logos and I LOVE the use of reclaimed materials! Just for that reason alone I’ll probably be picking one of these up! Great to see the NHl and Adidas take this initiative.
I think Boston’s black, Calgary, Carolina, Columbus’s black, Dallas’s black, Edmonton, Florida’s white, Los Angeles, Ottawa, San Jose, Tampa Bay, and Washington’s black work the best with the template, the rest are mediocre to bad.

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