Tuesday: New England Tour

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Jordan R.- Boston Bruins

Jordan rolls on through the hockey world to Boston. These designs are straightforward, easily identifiable from the Bruins' past. The two primary sets are mostly good, though the stripes are quite thick and take too much emphasis. The third does a great job avoiding yellow-on-white syndrome, keeping the white stripes just thick enough to stand out. The simple design and college-style wordmark make the third easily the best in the set. I like how the color rush uses brown, it shakes up the set to keep things from being to monotonous. My lone concern on that one is the shoulders are bare.

Grade: B

Mac W.- New York Rangers

Mac takes us down to New York for the next stop on our tour. The logo is a massive downgrade from the current set. The shield is an awkward, bulky shape, with far too many elements within. The torch is far too simple as a silhouette to have that prominence within the design. Meanwhile, the font is too thin and fragile to befit a hockey jersey. The striping design looks like it wants to relate the the striping in the shield somehow, but instead come out of left field. The alternate's logo is significantly better, though too simple and uninteresting for a crest. Its' design suffers consistency issues, with those bare arms not relating at all to the two bold red stripes on the hem.

Grade: D-

Taylor R.- New Jersey Devils

Finally to New Jersey, Taylor sends in a new set for the Devils. Taylor takes cues from the Devils' history in green with this striping pattern, but modernizes it with the colors. It's hard to imagine the red jersey being anything else, with its striping and accompanying yoke. For consistency, on the white jersey I would have liked to see the black stripe stay the thicker stripe, as on the red jersey. Black is clearly the dominate color of the jersey, there's no sense to give a red stripe more than it wants. The Adidas collar is almost impossible to make look good, by Taylor has made one of the best efforts I've seen by matching the yoke outline, while keeping the bulk of it the solid yoke color.

Grade: B

I'll give my COTW nomination to Taylor R's New Jersey Devils. That'll do it for this week. Look out for the new HJC lineup coming up next year, and keep your stick on the ice.

Tuesday: New England Tour Reviewed by Ben Shaffer on December 04, 2018 Rating: 5

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Unknown said...

For color consistency, the thicker stripe is red. If it were black the jersey would basically just become black with red accents, which wouldn't be consistent with a red home jersey. It should have as much red as possible while maintaining the stylistic sense of a Devils jersey (over-abundance of black).

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