Sunday: Ch-Ch-Changes

Hi everybody. Steve here with another Sunday post. I'm sure most of you are getting tired of hearing all of talk about justifying getting rid of the daily concepts. I'm also sure that you've seen the hashtag that I will not put on here going around on social media from those that have been more vocal about their displeasure with our decision. Well, I'd like to talk about something that mankind has always been against: Change. If you'd prefer not to hear my piece, please move down to the concepts.

Change is something that scares people. That's why you constantly have the older generations clashing with the younger on ideologies. That's what get's kingdoms and authoritative governments overthrown. But a lot of people forget is that change is what's needed to survive. For example, if you work in a stressful environment and have no way of coping with that stress, it'll affect your overall well being. So, a logical reasoning would be to make necessary changes to improve your health. Change is also what helps us grow as humans. You change schools as you get older, you look to find someone to spend your life with, you move away from your current family with the goal to start a new family.

You might be wondering by now what this has to do with HJC moving away from daily concepts. Well, change always comes hand in hand with growth. Growth is another necessity for someone or something to succeed and survive. We go to school to grow our knowledge. We learn things like cooking and some type of profession to survive and succeed in the world.

For the Past year, HJC has started to grow from our original amateur blogger format to being much more professional and the consensus among us, after much discussion and arguing lead us to the fact that we need to change to grow. It's not that we don't love that you guys keep sending them in. It just feels that, with today's trends, concepts aren't what they once were. Also, we have much more in store at HJC to expand upon to give you. Not just the website but other forms of media itself.

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Okay let's get to it!

Jordan R- Buffalo Sabres
Positives: It's nice seeing the 80's duds come back as the full time option. They were great and are quintessential Sabres. Also, the 90's color rush looks great. It feels like something they would've worn in the 90's but it's something completely new and works well with the suspender like silver striping.
Negatives: We've seen the throwbacks done on a modern template before and the yellow jersey feels really generic. You're more creative than this Jordan.
Overall: 7/10

Justin B- Nashville Predators 
Positives: A somewhat fresh take on something the Preds could use is striping that mimmicks the teeth. It's clever and it works well on the arms. Also, the hem stripe balances this really well and, overall, it works to perfection.
Negatives: The arms still feel a little bare with just the angled striping on them. Also, the collar could use some yellow in it. Other than that pretty solid job.
Overall: 8.75/10

Libor C- Nashville Predators
Positives: I really like the idea you had with the eyes on the front of the jersey and to limit the striping but make it a bold striping design. It's creative and something not normally done on a hockey jersey but it works here.
Negatives: This design has a lot of potential but it doesn't feel like it was done to completion. What I mean is that the execution seems to bring this down. To start, the white being around the eyes and nowhere else on the jersey is bothersome. Also, the plain block numbers, as they are now, are quite boring and gives off a rushed feel. Finally, make sure all the lines are clean on this. Your white around the eyes is really pixelated.
Overall: 6.75/10

Lucas D- Carolina Panthers  
Positives: The simple striping on the jersey really helps to bring out the logo on the jersey, as well as help the secondary colors pop out at you more. The thin stripes on the black jersey that give a phantom stripe look does a great job with the logo on the black jersey.
Negatives: These crossover designs are starting to feel redundant Lucas. I'd like to see you come up with a new design style instead of making a conservative stripe design with a logo on the front.
Overall: 8/10

Okay that's all I got today everybody. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you guys this time next week!
Sunday: Ch-Ch-Changes Reviewed by Steve Marc on December 09, 2018 Rating: 5


Chris said...

Why not have Jersey Nerds spun off as a new site and leave HJC for those that are still interested in concepts? There are many that are opposed to the changes and this could be a fair compromise.

Lucas D. said...

While I understand the changes, I agree with Chris. There are many jersey design news sites, and what sets HJC apart is the blog posts where every concept is posted. The competitions don’t offer th same feedback. At the very least, with the low volume of concepts coming in, a weekly or monthly post would be a good solution. Just my two cents.

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