Shining Bright: KHL Unveils 2019 All-Star Uniforms

The KHL All-Star game has come to be known as a showcase for all that is fun about professional hockey and its jerseys are no different. For the third straight year the KHL has unveiled four jerseys that follow the same template with a color scheme inspired by the host region.  

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Each uniform features the primary logo of the event. True to the form of the past few years, the logo includes a major landmark of the host region rendered in the color scheme of the area. In 2019, this landmark is the Kremlin of the host city, Kanzan, and the color scheme is derived from the Tatarstan flag, seen below.

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This scheme carries into the jerseys, with each adapting a red, green, and white color scheme and the forth adopting black to serve as a contrasting color per the KHL. True to the form of the past few years, each jersey adopts the same template with colors simply swapped across the board. In this case the template adopts an upper-arm pattern that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This pattern is then matched on the socks and the color swapping continues even to the gloves, where the main color matches that of the jersey, the cuff color matches the upper arm, and the text matches the stripe beneath. 

via @KHL on twitter

via @KHL on twitter

The right shoulder of each uniform features a divisional patch for each team, rendered in the style of the primary logo for the event. The Kharlamov division will don the green sweaters and the Chernyshev Division will don the whites, whereas the Tarasova Division will be in Black and and Bobrov Division in red.

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The right shoulder of the sweater features the primary logo of each participants team in black and white, matching the scheme of the divisional logo seen on the opposing shoulder.

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The back numbers of the sweater feature a gradient pattern executed by stars of decreasing size ensuring that the jersey can be seen to belong to the All-Star game whether its viewed from the front or the rear.

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For the unveiling, the KHL called upon four of its stars to don the new look for the first time. These representatives were Nikita Gusev of SKA St. Petersburg (Bobrov Division), Kirill Kaprizov of CSKA Moscow (Tarasova Division), Paul Postma of AK Bars (Kharlamov Division), and Sergey Shirokov of Avangard (Chernyshev Division). 

Gusev's NHL rights are held by the Vegas Golden Knights, despite being drafted by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 7th Round of the 2012 NHL Draft. Kaprizov was drafted in the 5th Round of the NHL Draft in 2015 and his NHL rights are held by the Minnesota Wild. Postma is in his first season in the KHL after seeing NHL ice-time with the Atlanta Thrashers, Winnipeg Jets, and Boston Bruins between 2010 and 2018. Shirokov was drafted in 2006 by the Vancouver Canucks and saw some time with the organization between 2009 and 2011, before heading to the KHL for the 2011-2012.

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via KHL

All-in-all these jerseys were well received by the HJC staff. Our specific reactions are highlighted below.

Ryan - "I like the fading stars in the numbers. The logos for all of these jerseys are all very solid. The white version may actually be the best one."

Brenden - "Man, they managed to make the white pants work. Part of me wishes those jerseys had hem stripes, part of me think it actually works without them."

Justin - "Clean, simple, and adaptable to all four color schemes. That's exactly how you make a jersey set for an All-Star Weekend right there."

As stated earlier, a pretty positive response from the HJC staff. Do you agree or are we way off the mark, let us know in the comments section below and don't be shy to share your favorite of the set (seems the white's a front runner among the HJC staff thus far).
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