Monday: The Mild Wing

Welcome to another Monday post. It's a great start of the week mainly because I don't have to hear 24/7 William Nylander talk every half hour on the major sports networks here in Canada. If you haven't heard already, HJC will be in for some changes in the new year. The link below will outline what is to come for HJC in 2019.

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Now onto the concepts.

Avi S. Anaheim Ducks Alternate
From the moment I saw this, the first thing that came to mind was a nickname. I present to you the "Mild Wing" jersey. My opinion on this is that the best aspects of the Wild Wing were taken and blended with the teams current identity. I would go as far as to say I like this over their current third jersey which I personally own. The recoloured logo looks really nice. It's definitely an upgrade over the Wild Wing or if you're a fan of that jersey, then this one is at least a cleaner version. I really can't find anything wrong with this jersey.  Excellent work!

Overall - 9.5/10 COTW nominee

Jordan R. - Birmingham Bulls
Going from the Ducks to  a team that currently uses the Ducks template, the Birmingham Bulls. The redesigned logo is an improvement from what they currently use. It looks more like a professional logo. The jersey template is an improvement as well. Not that what they use is bad, but I like original designs over borrowing designs. Especially if there's no affiliation between teams. The striping on the home and away jerseys are great and I like that you kept the striping on the jerseys uniform with the socks. I think the third jersey works much better as a third rather than with the Color Rush set. The Color Rush kind of looks like a nurse outfit you see on Halloween. I like the idea, but perhaps a red Color Rush would work better. The logo is very well done and creative and the description of what the logo is cements my opinion. The state motto in the arm stripe is great, but having it below the numbers on the back seems to be an odd choice. Having it on the jersey 3 times is a bit much in my opinion. Still this is a creative design that clearly took a lot of thought to create.

Overall - 7.5/10

Taylor R. - Edmonton Oilers
Finally we have an Oilers concept that features some minor differences from their current set. I think the striping is better than what they currently use. The double striping here fills out the bottom of the jersey nicely, whereas their current jerseys kind of fell unfinished. I think the oil drop on the sleeve stripes is great but using a contrasting colour would really make it stand out. I almost missed that detail and it would be a shame if I did. Make those colours pop! The colour balancing is a bit off. If the stripes and yoke were the same colour on the away and the oil drop wasn't the same colour as the stripes, we could be looking at a COTW nominee. Personally, I'd suggest an orange yoke on the away. I think that would be a hell of a good looking set of jerseys. 

Overall - 8/10

That's all from me. Remember if you haven't read about the changes to HJC, the link is posted at the beginning of this post. See you next week.

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Burkus Circus Concepts said...

I’ll second Avi’s Mild Wing!

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