Thursday: When Secondary Logos Go Primary

Whatever the opposite of #TBT (throwback Thursday) is, well this is it. Sean covered for me on Monday so here I am on Thursday for the first time. Today we have a lot of 2's. 2 teams, 2 jerseys per team and secondary logos being used on the front.

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Today's edition can also be known as the Truman K. post. Let's check them out.

Truman K - Vancouver Canucks (Home)
Not too much has been changed from the Canucks current home jersey, but I think the small changes make it better. The green outline on the "A", numbers and name just add enough colour that may have been missing. The "V" on the arm stripe is a throwback to their original jerseys and again for their 40th anniversary. While Vancouver has gone through enough colour and logo changes in their history, Johnny Canuck has never been used as a primary logo in the NHL. I think this version Of Johnny Canuck works better than the full body version of the logo. This is an example of small changes making a big difference.

Overall 8.5/10 & COTW nominee

Truman K. Vancouver Canucks (Away)
Now onto the away version. We see mainly the same changes that I liked about the home version, but the away suffers from my biggest pet peeve about Vancouver's current set; continuity. The blue at the bottom of the sleeve has always thrown off the look of their set. Maybe if the arm and hem stripes were blue with green outlines it would help balance it out. or even doing away with the blue cuffs altogether. I won't take marks off for that because much like with the home jersey, adding an outline to the "A", numbers and name makes it less boring. And the more I loom at that Johnny Canuck logo, the more I want to see the orca logo retired.

Overall - 8/10

Truman K. - Washington Capitals (Home)
The second of 2 teams is Washington. The design has some qualities of their original design but modernizes it as well. Right off the bat, I've never been crazy about yoke name bars. I like seeing their secondary logo being used as a primary almost every time and I question why it hasn't been done by the team yet. I think I would prefer their primary logo being used on the shoulders. This appears to be their 2018 Stadium Series secondary logo. I like that the logo includes the stars, but I feel like 2 different "W" logos is slight overkill. the wordmark logo would look fine on the shoulders. 

Overall - 6.5/10

Truman K. Washington Capitals (Away)
Finally we have the away version of the previous Capitals jersey. The colour balancing between both jerseys is spot on. As I mentioned earlier, yoke name bars don't do anything for me. I like the away version better than the home, but I can't put my finger on why. Perhaps its the Capitol Building in the negative space of the crest being white rather than red. I also feel that red accents white better than white accents red. Much like the home jersey, I feel like 2 "W" logos isn't necessary. 

Overall - 7/10

Sean and myself will be back on our regularly scheduled days next week. Don't forget that voting for COTW abd the 90's ReDesign both end tomorrow at 12pm (noon) ET.

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