Thursday: We Got Wednesday's Concepts Too!

Welcome to a special double post on HJC! A Happy thanksgiving to all you Redwhitenbluers who do this in November instead of October. It legitimately does make more sense to put it in November because November is kind of a downer otherwise, kind of like why the Super Bowl is in February or Civic Holiday is in August!

Enjoy your football, turkey, awkward family stuff and of course the day where you trample each other to get stuff on sale because Canadian companies doesn't seem to believe in sales being any good! Also don't go eating any Romaine, I work produce at a grocery store and spent close to 3 hours throwing out all that junk!

COTW November 9-15 vote (ends Friday at 12pm ET)
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Nashville Predators ReDesign (entries due by November 23rd)

Here are your Nashville Preds Redesign entires from yesterday and today!

Jay S.


Adam G.

Noah B.

Justin B.

Lucas D.

Brooks F.

On with today's concepts!


Anaheim Ducks Concepts (By: Taylor R.) 

I don't remember the Anaheim orange alternate being popular enough to become the full time home, but Californian fans might disagree. That being said it translates really well to the Adizero temple. FULL MARKS for the perfectly balanced road jersey, orange cuffs included! Not much to complain about, I see a lot of Ducks fans liking this, but I'm not sure I'm 100% sold on the Ducks rocking orange full time.


Arizona Cardinals Concepts (By: Lucas D.) 

Looks like someone forgot to put NFL Hockey crossover on the bottom of their concept...I'll give it a slight pass since the Football Cardinals played in the same place as the MLB Cardinals from 1960-1987 before moving to Phoenix and later becoming the Arizona Cardinals to cover the whole state since the moved the stadium to a suburb (sound familiar?). Anyways This is the best way to translate the slightly dated Matt Leinhart era Cards jerseys to hockey, and it works. i like the way the outlines look on the home jersey, and the black pants were a solid decision. Unlike previous concepts in this series from Lucas, there are a couple missing unique things to this team to help cross it over more authentically. For one thing, an Arizona flag patch similar to what the team wore prior to 2005 would be awesome, as would the rounded numbers seen on the actual jerseys. 


Bakersfield Condors NHL Super League Concepts (By: Jordan R.) 

Anyone remember when the Condors work green? Anyways here's a great way to bring back their old colour scheme and introduce some striping that plays on the bird name of the team. The home and road honestly remind me of Darth Vader...and that's good, I like Darth Vader, so good on that. Basically, excellent work using piping to your advantage. The red jersey reminds me a bit of their Michael Jackson tribute jersey back in 2008, and works well as an alternate. I like the colour rush enough, but it really is just there road with white pants, but hey the NFL does that so why not hockey! 


Buffalo Sabres Concepts (By: Taylor R.) 

I've been reviewing Taylor's concepts for a LONG time, and one thing he has a talent for i playing with striping patterns we've seen before and making them look unique. Here, we see that in the home, where the 2018 WC and early French Connections jerseys come together. I like almost everything here, maybe the numbers are a bit thing, it isn't super creative but there's enough here to justify it and I think my opinion has swayed to wanting to see the Sabres rock these over their current jerseys! 


New York Rangers Digital 6 Concepts (By: BurkusCircus)

As mentioned in the podcast on the subject, I think we've all thought of doing a similar concept to this, and of the digital 6 jerseys, this is the one I would have liked to see in the video game STAY IN THE VIDEO GAME. The fixes here are nice enough, lightening the blue and adding that yoke were solid ideas. I like the arm stripes enough for them to exist even if they do take away from the "effect" the original was going for. Overall this works and if it were 1995 and the Stadium Series was a thing, these would look pretty good on Mike Richter 


Montréal Canadiens Digital 6 Concepts (By: BurkusCircus)

I'll keep the review on this one short because I already love the version in game. You did everything necessary for this jersey to translate to real life, Montréal should make this their alternate, excellent work! 

10/10 COTW Nom From me! 

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