Thursday: Short Sweet & to the Justin Mapletoft Point

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Shoutout to the guy who suggested photos of our jersey collections in the new year, something I can totally get behind!

On with today's 2 concepts!


New York Islanders Concepts (By: Mac W.)

Kuddos to you Mac on attempting logo design, and honestly what you've come up with is pretty unique. I like the idea of the fisherman hook/harpoon combining with the NY to from a distance look like Long Island. The 2000s alternate in normal Islanders colours looks actually pretty solid, and good colour balancing. Furthermroe I appreciate even though this design was never used on an Adizero template, you went thorough the effort to put it on there. The latent is pretty solid too, I just prefer when logos and numbers match, and the way the yoke and hem are very distinct from each other, making the numbers either all white or blue would help a lot.

8/10- Good work here! Keep improving as you have! 

TEAM NAME UNKNOWN Concept (By: Daniel A)

Using an EA Sports NHL game to create your concepts isn't a terrible idea, as the striping and logo options have gotten a lot better in the past 4 or so seasons. The striping here reminds me of the Mississauga Ice Dogs when they played there, along with a yoke added to differentiate from a simple Blackhawks clone jersey like what the Red Deer Rebels for example have. Not sure if the logo is in game or your own creation, either way I really like it, would work well for the Basingstoke Bison who used to play in the EIHL. The alternate is...depending on the league either too similar to be the alternate, or a rejected home design that was too good to waste! Either way, decent stuff here! 


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