Sunday: A Grab-bag of Concepts

Hi everybody. Welcome back to HJC. Steve here with another Sunday post. Recent news brings us the Winter Classic uniforms for this years event on the campus of Notre Dame University (officially the University of Notre Dame Du Lac). I have to admit, compared to previous years of both team's jerseys, these turned out to be some of the better looks.

Get Started on you Nashville Predators designs for our next competition. If that turns out like the previous one then I'm sure we'll have some great entries. Also, don't forget to vote for COTW and COTW-October.

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Okay let's do this

Brooks F- Sao Tome and Principe
Positives: Not an area known for it's hockey, most likely because the country is smaller than Rhode Island, This jersey plays well off of the country's flag. The unique yoke fits well on the jersey and the vertical striping was a great design choice for both the arms and chest.
Negatives: My main issues with the jersey are the numbers and the logo. First, you don't have to be so literal with the flag design on the jersey. What I mean is that the country has a great coat of arms that you could've used on the front of the jersey instead of the plain font. Also, the bold, round numbers look off on a jersey that's so geometric.
Overall: 8.25/10

Burkus C- Quebec Nordiques
Positives: For a crazy 90's jersey you hit this out of the park with the gradient striping and color combination choices. The gradients on both jerseys look great and I love that you brought it into the numbers as well. I could see a material being used to create that effect. Also, good choice of using the unused logo on the front of the jersey.
Negatives: I really like the striping on the sides of the jerseys but he half sleeve design doesn't feel cohesive with the sides of the jersey. It would've been great to see that same striping on the sides of the jersey added to the arms. Also, The Fleur De Lis on the jersey is nice, but not under the TV numbers.
Overall: 8/10

FC M- New York Rangers 
Positives: What works about this jersey is that you based it off the old Americans template but you made it completely different, and yet you don't have to show us where you got the inspiration. It does a great job of taking an old design and using it into something new. The sublimated stars look great on the jersey and I actually like the idea of using "MANHATTAN" on the front of the jersey.
Negatives: My issue with you design is how small everything is. The numbers are just a little small and could work with another color and a thicker outline, and the text on the front is too small as well. When it comes to something of that nature you might want to extend it vertically a bit to make it look more prominent on the jersey without looking awkward. Also, the Captain's C in the center of the jersey just looks strange.
Overall: 7.5/10

Justin B- Columbus Blue Jackets  
Positives: First off, I firmly believe that Columbus would go with the cannon logo as a color rush crest so I agree with you on that. Moving on, It's nice to see that you kept the half sleeve design but gave it some stripes on the jersey. it works well with the overall design and the simple hem works great as well.
Negatives: My main issue with this is the fact that it looks like something that the Jets would wear more than the Jackets. You did a great job on the overall design but it's almost as if you've mixed the two identities when it comes to the overuse of the blue tones.
Overall: 8.75/10 COTW NOMINEE

Lucas D- Seattle Mariners 
Positives: I love that you are using the current colors with the trident logo. It works great on the front of the jersey and could pass for a hockey logo. Also, the design you went with works well because it's simple and draws attention to the logo, but doesn't leave the jersey bare.
Negatives: The half sleeve design is getting old so please come up with a more unique arm striping as well. I've told this to TC and now I'm telling it to you. Also, the logo on the navy jersey would look much better with a teal logo instead of a white logo.
Overall: 8.25/10

Okay everybody that's all I have for you today. Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you guys this time next week!
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