Sunday: All NHL post

Hi everybody. Steve here with another Sunday post. hopefully all our American readers are finally out of the food coma from because we got some good concepts for you guys to see!

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Okay let's get to it

Blake S- Arizona Coyotes
Positives: Good choice to bring back the Kachina pattern striping on the jersey. It looks really good and it works well with the logo. Also, the black on the hem and cuffs really balances out the color.
Negatives: What bothers me is the inclusion of the white in the striping on the red jersey. I get it but with there color scheme, white feels more of an accent and sand as the secondary. The use of the white in the Kachina pattern, while it works, just feels out of place in that color. Alos, the numbers on the back are a little too small.
Overall: 8/10

Mac W- Minnesota Wild 
Positives: swapping the red with yellow to give the Wild a North Stars look actually turned out well for this. Also, I love that you kept the wheat instead of going white. Also, the red alternate of the current green jersey looks great as well. Overall you did a good job of balancing out the colors of the team and the design is fairly unique but not cluttered.
Negatives: I commend you on your attempt at a new primary and alt logo, but this logo could only pass for a mid to lower tier juniors team. The logo needs some more refinement before it could be accounted as a full on NHL logo.
Overall: 7.5/10

Taylor R- Calgary Flames
Positives: It's great to see the roundel logo on the front of the jersey instead of the shoulder. I believe it could work well on the front without issue. As for the jersey design itself, The red jersey's striping on the arms and hem works really well and it's a different type of striping that works well on a read base with the black yoke. As for the white, it's nice that it's not a complete copy but has similar characteristics that it matches with the red.
Negatives: The extended red cuffs on the white jersey are a little bothersome and you could've gotten away with the same striping on the arms or something similar. Also, the font of the numbers feels off on this set. I get that you were trying to use the old red alt's numbers but that font didn't work that well either.
Overall: 8.5/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Okay everybody. That's all I got for ya. Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you this time next week.
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Unknown said...

Which logo? The alternate logo or the primary logo? I'm writing down what needs to be changed for all of my designs so I can get better

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