Monday: The Theme of the Day is Themes

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another Monday post. Today were going to be looking at a lot of themed jerseys. Whether is be Color Rush, Digital 6 or even a fan-made Super League, we have a lot of creativity in todays post. Let's check them out.

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Burkus Circus - Chicago Blackhawks
I'm just going to start this off by saying the Digital 6 jerseys were terrible. Now that we got that out of the way let's look at a different rendition of the Blackhawks Digital 6. The original design has so many colours and stripes that are actually fairly detailed, but in game kind of just look like a jumbled mess. Here the striping is perhaps less detailed but it certainly cleaned up some of the confusion. The white stripes in between each colour makes the colours stand out individually. The only thing I would add is the tan border around the logo. I feel like that made the logo on the black jersey in the late 90's stand out better. I wasn't crazy about any of the Digital 6 designs, but this is definitely more visually appealing than what Adidas and EA came up with.

Overall - 6.75/10

Jordan R. - Atlanta Gladiators
Now onto an Atlanta Gladiators concept. I love their look and this concept luckily kept a lot of their team identity here. First off, I love how the logo looks without the wordmark. the pattern on the hem and arm stripes is one of my favourite parts of the Gladiators look so that's a win for me. All 4 jerseys follow the same template, which I'm split on whether I like that or not. While I enjoy the uniformity. part of me likes alternate jerseys for being unique. The third jersey is the best of the 4 in my opinion. the G logo actually works really well and the red on the jersey makes the logo stand out. The white on the hem is also a nice break in pattern from the red on the hem of the other 4 jerseys. I knew before reading the heading that the 4th jersey was a color rush design. While under normal circumstances I would think it looked tacky, I think it's a well executed design for a color rush jersey. Also take some time to read what Jordan wrote in between the 4 jerseys. It's a neat idea for a Super League.

Overall - 7/10

Justin B - Florida Panthers
Now onto another color rush design and a bold choice at that. Justin decided not to take the easy route with a red jersey. So we have a Panthers navy blue colour rush jersey. There wasn't too much red in the logo so that is hardly missed. The striping is absolutely beautiful. Notice how the arm stripes make a "X" pattern paying homage to the Florida state flag. The gold accents are a nice contrast to the blue. Again, red would have been the easy choice for striping too, but to make a Panthers jersey look this nice without any red is impressive. I would argue that this beats out their current look by a mile. It's not an overly complex look, but the attention to detail makes this really stand out.

Overall - 9.25/10 COTW nominee

 Mac W. - Florida Panthers
And to end it off we have another Panthers design. The first thing I noticed was the striping. I like the colour balance between the home and away jerseys. The logo most noticeably has freed the Panther from its enclosure so to speak, but the logo was also flipped and is facing the opposite direction. I kind of got used to the current Panthers logo, but at the time I first saw it I thought a logo like this would have looked better. I think their current primary does look more like a shoulder patch while this looks more like a primary logo. I'm lukewarm on the alternate though. I love that logo, but the rest of it is just a bit bland for my liking. Having the chest stripe being the primary colour as the crest perhaps wasn't the best choice. Also, a red border stripe on the hem would have made this better. It would have had more continuity as the rest of the gold on the jersey is outlined with a red stripe. 

Overall - 6.25/10

Don't forget to vote for the Nashville Predators ReDesign contest and if you want to submit an entry you have until November 23rd to do so. Here are some entries.

Ben S. 

Spencer R.

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