Monday: Lest We Forget

It's Monday and I'm back in my regular slot here for HJC. Yesterday, people across the world spent time reflecting on and paying respects to our veterans for the bravery they showed to allow us to live a life of freedom. I mean, something as small as I do for HJC is a freedom in its own right because I have a forum where I can freely express my opinion. In Canada, we call it Remembrance Day. South of the border it's called Veterans Day. So whether you took time yesterday or will do so today as it's being observed in some places today, just realize that things we take for granted wouldn't be possible without the sacrifice made by our soldiers over the years.

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Alright, lets check out some jerseys.

FC Macbeth - New Jersey Devils
Starting us off is a Devils jersey and I must say that I'm very happy that it is stated that forest green is being used. I had to zoom in on it to really notice. Even still my eyes play tricks on me where it looks green and then I look away and when I look back, I see black. The striping is fantastic. Even without an explanation I would've loved it. The fact that it has historical meaning makes it even better. The logo and number and letter font design are unchanged, but why mess with a good thing. I really like this design, but the shade of green is just too dark. I love the striping as its a unique yet classic look to it. The question is asked "innovative or uninspired". Considering you drew inspiration from a team from the past I wouldn't say uninspired, but innovative is maybe too much praise. It is certainly an extremely creative take and you took a risk with the dark green, so props for that. Unfortunately if you were dead set on using that dark of a colour, I would've just done black. If you were dead set on green, I would've lightened the colour. It is still very well done.

Overall - 8.25/10

Justin B. - Calgary Flames
Next is a Flames Color Rush design. I have reviewed a few Color Rush concepts and my biggest critique was not enough emphasis on the primary colour. I definitely can't say that here. I love the decision to use the burnt red as the primary. I have wanted Calgary to bring it back ever since the 2011 Heritage Classic. the burnt yellow is a great accent colour to use too. the logo and the numbers do not get washed out because the yellow makes them really pop. On the sleeve and the pants we have a recoloured Blasty the horse, sneezing his flaming snot all over the shoulders. All joking aside I'm a fan of that logo as a shoulder patch. This is what a Color Rush jersey should look like and really should be the model for anyone else who wants to do a Color Rush concept.

Overall - 8.75/10 COTW nominee

Lucas D - St. Louis Cardinals
Does anyone remember the Minnesota Twins concept I reviewed a few weeks back? Well Lucas has done it again with another gorgeous custom logo. Whether you made it personally or used a custom design made by someone else, it still adds to this jersey have the hockey stick perch. The obvious reason is that its a hockey jersey so a stick makes it that much more obvious, but the yellow on the stick gives the logo some much needed colour. The "STL" logo works very well as a shoulder patch. I really like the striping, mainly that yellow is more prominent, as the Cardinals like to use navy blue more prominently. Not really any complaints from me on this. 

Overall - 8.5/10 

Mac W - Carolina Hurricanes
Next up is a Hurricanes concept. I like the design on the home and away. The striping on the red jersey is very similar to their current home jersey and I love that the away has matching striping. I'm not crazy about the primary logo, it just doesn't do much for me and the hurricane is hardly noticeable. And I'm not sure that recolouring the crest on the home jersey is really necessary. It actually makes it harder to read on the black background of the logo. At first, the shoulder patch looked like someone's eye with winged eye liner on it. I don't have much more to say about the shoulder patch, just not good execution. If you look closely at the font there are these squares on the L's and the E's. It looks like poor editing and lack of attention to detail. The alternate jersey is ok. I would've liked to see the flags on the hem. the Pittsburgh-esque arm stripes look pretty good. I like script alternated so that works for me. The number on the front of the jersey is not needed and is really just a Sabres thing now. The alternate was better than the home and away by far, but still could use some work. 

Overall 5.5/10

Matt G. - Philadelphia Flyers
The final concept for today is a Flyers 90's redesign. I like these the more I look at them. I first want to point out the attention to detail having the white jersey as the home as that's the way things were in the 90's. The colour balancing between the home and away is very well done. The 3 stripes on the arm looks like the Flyers logo is flying. Excellent 90's cheesy logic. The alternate is very minimalist which makes me think it'd be more something you'd see in the modern day and not as much in the 90's. I still like it for it's unique and somewhat ridiculous striping. The numbers don't quite mesh with the jersey. The Flyers logo is very round, while the numbers are a bit too sharp-edged. Not a make or break detail, but I felt the need to point that out. 

Overall - 7/10

That all, have a good Monday. Don't forget to vote for the COTW and enter your Nashville Predators redesigns.

Monday: Lest We Forget Reviewed by Unknown on November 12, 2018 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

FC Macbeth for COTW

Unknown said...

I'd like to second both Justin and FC MacBeth's concepts but if I can only second one it'll have to be Justin's. (Sorry FC)

FC Macbeth said...

Blast! So close from getting a COTW badge. Perhaps my take on the Isles would do much better!

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